Local group leads charge against bullying

  • Article by: JEAN HOPFENSPERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 24, 2011 - 9:35 AM

An anti-bullying center in Bloomington has become a national leader, drawing attention from the White House and beyond.

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tupelohoneyMay. 24, 11 6:57 AM

Yawn. This whining about bullying is getting old and tiresome. You want to end bullying? Start promoting the role of males as parents and that they are an important part of raising children. Let teachers carry a yard stick and smack the kids when they get out of line. This entire liberal alternative universe of giving everyone a hug and making everyone a victim is thye real problem.

triodeMay. 24, 11 7:43 AM

A policy of compulsory expulsion for the first offense would be a good start. Send the little miscreants to the farm. The penalty for witnesses not reporting incidents of bullying within 15 minutes should be a week's suspension. The penalty for teachers and administrators not enforcing these rules should be loss of tenure, job and pension.

rkn55811May. 24, 11 8:25 AM

Mommy! Mommy! He called me a bad name! Waaaaaaaa!

Kathy_BrandtMay. 24, 11 8:28 AM

What about cases when the teacher is the one doing the bullying? Id DOES happen! BTDT lived through it.

shelagh63May. 24, 11 8:37 AM

Interesting how 2 of the first 3 comments on the board are from bullies. And of course ,let us not forget to blame "liberals" while we are at it.

e72521May. 24, 11 8:40 AM

Laws aren't going to help. You'll only end up politicizing the issue and creating 'victims'. The true victims of chronic bullying will just be overlooked and the over all school environment will be tremendously stifled. The answer is in communication between the teachers, school administrators, the parents and the kids.

e72521May. 24, 11 8:41 AM

Kathy_Brandt May. 24, 11 8:28 AM What about cases when the teacher is the one doing the bullying? Id DOES happen! BTDT lived through it. -- Kudos

msqmcdonaldMay. 24, 11 8:45 AM

Yeah, corporal punishment is the answer! Let's go back to the 50's act like real men and women. We hopefully are a little more enlightened now and should deal better with this real problem. Although you can never expect to completely get rid of 'bullying' kids need a much better 'respect for all' mentality. Starts with the parents. Schools need to reinforce, and bottom line, kids need to be held accountable. This is not whining, this is reality, and EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect.

ericbartMay. 24, 11 8:54 AM

I had a teacher in Jr high (years ago) she would throw a rubber mallet at whoever pissed her off. I was so scared in class I hardly ever talked. In math we had a teacher who pulled our hair at the back of the neck if we should fall asleep or not pay attention. I hated school, and I graduated.... Bullying does happen, just seems that it never gets better.

doorknobMay. 24, 11 9:13 AM

Facebook, texting, etc., have accelerated bullying to the nth degree. Until parents care about what their kids are doing, there is no legislation that will be in any way affective. Bullies are smart enough not to bully in areas where it will be witnessed, so please stop blaming schools/teachers for not doing enough to stop it. The teachers I know will do every thing in their power to protect their students!


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