Pawlenty jumps in: 'I know what it takes'

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 23, 2011 - 10:54 PM

In announcing his presidential run, he offered his story and his platform.

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halfabubbleMay. 23, 1110:24 PM

Governor do little never polled higher than 46.7% in MN.

geze0004May. 23, 1110:49 PM

Great he wants to mess up the country as much as he messed up our state!

justwonderingMay. 23, 1110:50 PM

This is the Tim Pawlenty that inherited a $4.2 billion deficit from Jesse Ventura and after 8 years of "reforms" and "leadership", left a $6.2 billion deficit for Mark Dayton. If you like deficits, you'll LOVE Pawlenty.

bandit135May. 23, 1111:09 PM

Know what it take to do what, leave the state of minnesota in a mess and not to do a darn thing when you are in office? we have enough people like that already

perronjpMay. 23, 1111:10 PM

Complain about Pawlenty's spending? He was standing on the brakes of spending his entire time in office. If the dems were in the Governor's mansion at the time we would have three times the deficit. Now Dayton and his left leaning cronies only speak of raising taxes and adding the City of Mpls public employees (Police and Fire)closed pension funds to the States woes. The same pension funds the Cities dems are responsible for having in the first place. Please take some ownership dems.

se11557May. 23, 1111:13 PM

He's running for vice president, aiming to spread his message of hypocrisy across the land. Take the public money to enrich yourself (public schools, colleges, highways, etc.) and then slash and burn once you've made your millions. Sounds like a perfect way to make the US the leaders of the 21st century.

bleach61May. 23, 1111:14 PM

His record is not one of accomplishment. He left Minnesota worse off than when he took office. Beyond the booming deficit, our schools have been weakened, college students are more burdened with debt than ever, small towns either had to gut services or raise property taxes, the people the state's supposed to protect (the old, the ill, the poor) lost state support, infrastructure has fallen far below standards Minnesota once was so proud of. His form of "leadership," was largely to say no to everything. Almost anyone can do that. True leaders, gifted leaders are much more creative and innovate their way out of crisis, build consensus and don't make victims of those already victimized. Minnesota's had a great political legacy at the national level. Pawlenty won't be continuing it.

StormMay. 23, 1111:17 PM

Simply put- NO chance. Once the truth about his history here comes out, he should be the next one to vanish. Why do you think he started in IOWA rather than here?

leosgr8May. 23, 1111:21 PM

I see the liberal strib allows liberals to comment here bashing Gov. Pawlenty, but NOOO comments are allowed on the article "Muslim rights group cries foul over MSP security drill." GOOOOOD non-biased left-wing media!

JP55901May. 23, 1111:21 PM

I'll write something tomorrow. I am laughing way too hard right now.


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