Now the real gay marriage fight is on

  • Article by: CURT BROWN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 23, 2011 - 10:50 AM

Both sides of the ballot issue defining marriage brace for an emotional, expensive campaign.

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maupin001May. 22, 1110:09 PM

There are no reasons to adopt this amendment. This has already been proven in a court of law. When asked to prove before a judge that same-sex marriage harms anyone, the best legal mind that the anti-marriage crowd could find said, "I don't know." When asked to provide evidence of harm, he scoffed at the idea that evidence was necessary. When asked to provide expert testimony against marriage, all of their hand-picked experts scattered for cover. Boies and Olson made the case for same-sex marriage and they did so convincingly.

dorsanoMay. 22, 1110:10 PM

Well, if we have to sides - count me gay I guess - and proud.

flexsfMay. 22, 1110:23 PM

Who are the people financing these referendums? The least they can do is show themselves. It is difficult to believe they get away with this.

jdcarlinMay. 22, 1110:27 PM

2.5 year after Prop 8 passed, there's still bitter feelings on both sides of the issue. Brace yourself Minnesota. Regardless of what happens, this is going to be ugly, divisive, expensive and completely unnecessary. To make sure we never have to go through it again is reason enough to vote NO!

cashncareyMay. 22, 1110:36 PM

Why would anyone be against voting? It is a very progressive thing to do - let the people decide. Democracy is a wonderful thing. Why are some against democracy? Is there some better system?

nicolaswillMay. 22, 1111:05 PM

To vote against gay marriage is to be on the wrong side of history. Whether you like it or not, it will be completely legal and accepted in the future. Make your children, grand children, and great grand children proud of you. Do the right thing. I know my wife and I will.

johntheadamsMay. 22, 1111:05 PM

"In Maine, the debate was peppered with late-campaign charges that a "yes" vote would mean teaching homosexual sex in public schools to third-graders, which gay rights activists decried as fear-mongering lies." How do you "teach" gay sex to children? Do you order them to engage in it as a homework assignment?

wildfoxMay. 22, 1111:08 PM

Our elected congressman in Washington DC could end all this state in fighting over this issue if they would vote to make gay marriage legal in all states. This is a USA constitutional issues and should be dealt with on the federal level. If Obama doesn't address this in his second term I will be very disappointed in his lack of leadership.

johntheadamsMay. 22, 1111:09 PM

It's all about these Christian fundamentalists who are out to preserve the traditional family institution.

jdcarlinMay. 22, 1111:14 PM

@cashncarey: When you put your marriage up for a vote, you can put mine up for one too. Otherwise, why are you against democracy? Let the people decide!


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