Gay marriage supporters opt to intimidate

  • Updated: May 21, 2011 - 8:36 PM

That's why they trot out words like 'bigotry' and generally distort the issue.

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Greg63May. 21, 11 8:43 PM

I think it's funny when KK says people are distorting an issue. Additionally, if anyone really cares to look up the meaning of bigot they'd find that what this amendment is proposing is bigotry. 'Bigot' doesn't sound nice, but it is what it is.

fredinpalauMay. 21, 11 9:09 PM

I KNOW!!! While this isn't my personal issue, I get so tired of people calling me a racist or a bigot just because I think white and black people should be kept separate in society. It was that way for so long because it was the bead rock of society! Why did it ever have to change? I get called a racist for even suggesting we put up these 14th Amendment Rights to equal treatment under the law up for a vote! I'm a clearly the victim in this discussion and I can't understand why everyone doesn't see that. Let's stop distorting all these issues. It's about what people simply think is best for society and there really isn't ever any bigotry. It is mean to call people a bigot and it makes them feel badly about themselves. Oh, and if we really are not bigots when we argue against same-sex marriage because children "need both a mother and a father," why are we not voting to make divorce illegal? ... if it's really about kids and marriage.

mallwittMay. 21, 11 9:14 PM

Just because you have reasons to support the way you think doesn't mean it isn't bigotry. The Truth hurts, Kersten.

mallwittMay. 21, 11 9:15 PM

Give me a reason the state shouldn't view all marriage contracts between two consenting non-familial adults the same way? After-all, my church has no problem with it, unless you want to argue that your religion is better than mine, and you really don't want to go there.

christpriestMay. 21, 11 9:29 PM

Kathy! Your arguments fail! You claim to be the victim! The reality is that men, women, and children are hurt by marriage inequality. This fake argument of redefining marriage is childish! You are truly hurting marriage, religion, Minnesota, and American values of freedom and equality.

adx000May. 21, 11 9:32 PM

Ms. Kersten, let's be clear. And by being clear, I'll show you your errors. Ready? 1. You have just enjoined those "debating" this topic (where everyone's opinion is set and no one will budge a millimeter) not to engage in name-calling. The name-calling from the pro-gay will stop when the anti-gay cease 100.0% to call gay people: sinners, sinful, an abomination, pedophiles, indoctrinators, wrong, liars (for claiming it is not a choice), and you get the idea. Be my guest, Ms. Kersten. I dare you to get those people to STOP saying these things, and then perhaps the name-calling will stop. You don't mention the behavior of the anti-gay *one time* in your piece. 2. Intimidation? ... Let's talk about it, Ms. Kersten. Blunt, front, and center. I think NOM has made a "career" of intimidation, threatening legislature after legislature with "promises" that it will spend money to destroy careers if it cannot control republicans like puppets. Why, just recently, Mr. Long of New York threatened the republicans of that state with a *refusal to endorse them* should they stand for gay marriage. These are threats and intimidation, pure and simple, and would NATURALLY prompt the pro-gay to issue similar threats in finding *every* legal way they can to get gay marriage legislation passed in states where they seek it. My god, you mention none of this in your piece. And note that I haven't even touched upon Iowa, where three justices were punitively REMOVED FROM THE BENCH, Ms. Kersten, for ruling as any judge in this country is fit to rule on any matter placed before him or her. That you dared to ignore these facts shows that you have no interest in *any* open dialogue. Your "kind" are some of the most sinister beings I've witnessed in this country: You all want the upper hand, you all want to be able to threaten and intimidate while others cannot, and you all want "carte blanche" to call names while your opponents are supposed to remain silent. But that's REALLY what it's about, isn't it, Ms. Kersten? ... keeping gay people invisible ... and silent. It took me no more than a moment to see through your rhetoric, and I'm sure many others will do the same. Stop pretending you know better than anyone else how others should live their lives, and stop lying about the ways in which they're trying to gain all the rights YOU currently have, Ms. Kersten. Thank you.

nodumblondMay. 21, 1110:13 PM

Republicans don't want same-sex couples to have the same rights as heterosexual couples. That's not distortion - it's fact.

GREATONEMay. 21, 1110:40 PM

@adxoo: Your arguments are simply laughable. In California, the pro-gay marriage crowd tracked down financial supporters, inundated their homes and places of work with phone calls, demanded that people be fired, picketed Mormon churches, and engaged in acts of vandalism. That is what Katherine is talking about, and it'll be coming here to Minnesota, too. As for what happened in Iowa, that was merely an example of the public standing up against judicial activism. This issue is a legislative issue, not a judicial one. The Minnesota Supreme Court's opinion in Baker v. Nelson is the gold standard in demonstrating that the historical definition of marriage is not a constitutional issue but a legislative one. In Iowa, activist judges were told to stop screwing around; pity it doesn't happen in more places. And stop engaging in sophistry - you have the same right that Katherine or I have to marry any person you wish, just not one of the same gender. Something Katherine and I are similary prohibited from doing.

ebfauvelMay. 21, 1110:44 PM

Unbelievable! Only Katherine Kersten would write a column scolding same-sex marriage *proponents* for their actions while completely ignoring the lies, distortions, half truths, innuendo, omissions and bullying of same-sex marriage *opponents*.

Katherine Kersten wants no name-calling and takes issue with accusations of bigotry -- but has nothing to say about those who refer to gay people with any number of slanderous words.

Katherine Kersten wants no distortion of facts -- and has nothing to say about Bradlee Dean and his ilk, who claim that gay men "molest an average of 117 children before they are caught."

Katherine Kersten wants zero tolerance for intimidation tactics and cites an "attack" on Target -- while completely ignoring Christian organization boycotts of Disney, Pepsi, Home Depot and other companies supportive of GLBT rights.

Katherine, I'm all for a civil discussion of this issue. I'm all for sorting out fact from lies. If this issue must go for a public vote, I'm all for voters casting ballots based on a thorough, unemotional understanding of all sides of the issue. But if you seriously want to meet your opposition half way, you must start demanding that *your* side clean up *its* act.

How sad (but utterly unsurprising) that you could have started to lead by example, but chose instead to publish this column.

GREATONEMay. 21, 1110:46 PM

@nodumblond: Another shining example of sophistry. I and every Republican want you to have every constitutional right you're entitled to as an American citizen. But what constitutes the legal definition of "marriage" is a legislative right, not a constitutional one. You have the right to marry any person you wish, just not of the same gender, because that's not marriage as is presently defined by state statute. Racial classifications are distinct, as they prohibited opposite sex couples from marrying, and that is clearly an equal protection vilation. Stop lying and saying people are trying to take away your constitutional rights. No one is trying to criminalize homosexual behavior, say you can't engage in contracts, or that you can't hold a job.


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