MnDOT: Stadium road upgrades to cost $131 million

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON and KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 18, 2011 - 11:59 PM

The estimate for road improvements for the proposed $1 billion Minnesota Vikings stadium in Arden Hills dropped $44 million in a detailed proposal released Wednesday by the state.

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northstars91May. 18, 11 3:46 PM

It's too late Minneapolis! The city council did everything over the years to make this happen and now they are gone. It's poetic justice. It's a miracle the Twins stadium got built in Minneapolis and the city council deserves ZERO credit.

rkn55811May. 18, 11 3:46 PM

MnDOT - keep guessing at the cost until you come up with a politically acceptable figure.

rhinohornMay. 18, 11 3:48 PM

If the NFL and the Vikings were paying 100% of this then Bagley's opinion would carry a lot more wieght. As it stands the taxpayers are paying far more than the Vikings so our opinion should matter. Unfortunately Julie Rosen and Morrie Lanning appear most interested in tailoring this swindle in the Vikings favor. Strange choice by Lanning and Rosen.

gsacksMay. 18, 11 3:50 PM

Take the money away from the roof, and use it for the roads. Call the Vikings bluff. They will want the roof. No way the agree the sign a 30 year lease in an open air stadium.

srlarsonMay. 18, 11 3:53 PM

FORGET the retractable roof......get estimates for Open air, or a fieldhouse (Ford Field, Lucas Oil) these were done at a fraction of the cost of this monstrosity. For a few weeks a year why do you need the cost of a retractable roof? I'm for a fieldhouse, and the Vikes and the Wilf's will have to cough up alot more than a third...... Lucas oil was built downtown for $750 million... so even if Arden hills is equal at this point, + road changes, gets to $890 (rounding)....Ramsey County $350, State $300, leaves the Wilf's (even with the NFL portion putting little or nothing in). Question, How much land does Ziggi already have his hooks in up there areound the proposed site? Of the 890, vikes/NFL should put in 1/2, with State picking up the Road tab, and Ramsey the rest....

type11May. 18, 11 3:58 PM

The road costs could be $0 and it still wouldn't change the fact that the Vikings and the Wilf family are the only ones who benefit from this plan.

bb2212May. 18, 11 3:59 PM

Not a big fan of Lester Bagley!

heyslackassMay. 18, 11 4:00 PM

So Pay for it. If you want it there up your amount from 407 to 530 done deal.

mfan79May. 18, 11 4:02 PM

$131M for at best 13 home game Sundays per year. That is $1M per home game Sunday for 10 years! Assuming this funding is available it should go to other congestion relief projects that will benefit more motorists for more days -- like adding lanes to I-94 west of Maple Grove.

mjohnson2469May. 18, 11 4:10 PM

Don't we have a budget to balance?


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