Dayton meets with NFL commissioner

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and ROCHELLE O LSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 17, 2011 - 8:50 AM

The chief House author of stadium legislation, who also was to be at the meeting, hoped to hear that the Vikings and NFL might contribute more.

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sharkysharkMay. 16, 1110:03 PM

Please Mark, don't sell the voters down the river. Zygi and the League need to pay the bill. No public money for any more stadiums. We don't need it, can't afford it and should have a chance to vote on it. The Metrodome has a new roof and is all we need.

BudweisercsMay. 16, 1110:20 PM

Hope Goodell brings his checkbook, we are broke and he and the NFL are rolling in dough. If they need a different stadium to generate more revenue, we can donate the land and build a road if needed, otherwise the Mall of America Dome with a bright new roof will have to do until the economy picks up, or leave for greener pastures.

freedubayMay. 16, 1110:24 PM

Mark, You'll be amazed how well NO works. Try it. The Ramsey County Commissioners couldn't. They sold out the taxpayers and will be voted out of office for being lapdogs to the NFL.

padraigmnMay. 16, 1110:27 PM

$650 million of public funding for a stadium? That is $650 million too much. Why should the public subsidize billionaires so they can pay obscene, multi-million dollars salaries to the players. And all of this against the backdrop of budget cuts that are primarily going to affect the elderly, the disabled and children. Budgets are moral documents - What Would Jesus Fund?

jstanthrnbrMay. 16, 1110:37 PM

You can't make this stuff up! In one story the Strib talks of the dire timeframe of the budget. They paint Dayton in a very noble role of a leader that must tend to his ship. THen they come up with this "Gov. Mark Dayton and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are scheduled to meet early Tuesday." ? PATHETIC!!!

mrdaveMay. 16, 1110:45 PM

Mr. Dayton, If these billionaires want a stadium that they will mostly benefit from, then THEY can foot the bill. Our state has a $5 BILLION deficit that needs to be fixed, instead of giving ultra wealthy owners a handout.

ai720jrzyMay. 16, 1110:50 PM

Let LA build them a stadium

barkingshinsMay. 16, 1111:01 PM

@prplfutility "This franchise is a joke to say the least" Well it might interest you to know that this franchise you feel is such a joke and that you obviously get a great deal of glee in running into the ground is actually the fourth winningest franchise in NFL history behind the Cowboys, Steelers and Dolphins. That IS something to brag about. The goose-egg in the SB wins column is certainly unfortunate but hey, it builds character... but you wouldn't know anything about that would you.

technoreaperMay. 16, 1111:01 PM

I'm not from Minnesota. I'm from a rival team's state. I absolutely hope the people of Minnesota stand up to this garbage. Zygi Wilf would probably oppose unions and any sort of welfare or universal health care for people, but he wants the people to pay for a brand new stadium that only he really wants!! $700 million plus like $200 million plus to do the roads in some backwater area? I hope the people of Minnesota are smarter than this! Let these idiots move to LA. If he thinks it's bad I doubt he will ever move. Where is he going to go?

prplfutilityMay. 16, 1111:05 PM

Why are the vikings and all the pro-stadium folks complaining about the slow pace of the State Legistlature??? It is the vikings who have their hand out for taxpayer dollars because they claim they do not have the money to build it themselves. If they want to speed up the pace of their new stadium maybe they should find someone other than the State government to partner up with that will share in the cost of the stadium, that way they can break ground on this thing immediately. Oh, wait a minute, this stadium is a sure money loser and no one is dumb enough to invest in a stadium that costs a billion to construct and millions a year in upkeep for 8 regular season games a year!!!


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