Minnesota Poll: Blended solution of cuts, tax hikes has support

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 15, 2011 - 11:44 AM
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chablis28May. 15, 1112:19 AM

The $5B "deficit" is only a debate over how much new spending over that last budget NOT cuts.

chablis28May. 15, 1112:21 AM

This poll is a riot. Most people are for new taxes until.... it applies to them. LOL!

chablis28May. 15, 1112:23 AM

The Republicans want to give Dayton & more government lovers $2B in NEW spending. How unfair! LOL

r1100rsl2May. 15, 1112:56 AM

Is this the same poll that forecasted Gov Humphrey and Sen Mondale (over Coleman) ? Or to paraphrase Minnesotans favor higher taxes as long as someone else is paying? Another lame poll from the Star Tribune generated by the editorial pages.

joehansonMay. 15, 1112:59 AM

It's the middle class that's driving the rising costs of government services. They should bear the greatest burden of paying for them!

simbixMay. 15, 11 1:01 AM

REPUBLICANS RAISE TAXES ON RENTERS, HOMEOWNERS The tax plan Republicans agreed on over the weekend would remove property tax refund relief from one-fourth of renters who now receive it. It would increases taxes on seniors and disabled who receive it by almost $200 a year and over $300 a year on the rest. The property tax increases for homeowners, cabin owners and businesses will be total over $600 over three years. So Republicans want to raise taxes the way Pawlenty didfor years--by raising middle class property taxes. No wonder those polled prefer Dayton's approach.

milkman53May. 15, 11 1:05 AM

If the Republicans can't hear the majority of Minnesotans saying "Be Fair. Raise taxes and then cut some spending" they should quit talking to themselves and listen.

mnmonkeyboyMay. 15, 11 1:07 AM

Republicans claim that the poll results run counter to the last election...that is untrue. mn voted republican for congress and democrat for governor...seems to me that backs up the poll results....ignore them at your own peril.

datelessnerdMay. 15, 11 1:25 AM

Cut unnecessary spending. Make rich people start paying their taxes. Take the gambling monopoly away from the Native Americans. Problem solved. Do I get a legislative per diem for this?

adamskoglundMay. 15, 11 1:52 AM

So a poll taken in May has no relevance because of an election in November. I was unaware that time stopped and people lacked the ability to change their opinion once they actually saw the devastating level of cuts the GOP proposed. Clearly I was mistaken, and the GOP is right. We simply must cut from the poor, mass transit, seniors, schools, blacks, whites, hispanics, disabled, disabled blacks, disabled hispanics, disabled whites, elderly disabled whites blacks and hispanics, universities, and any other section of the economy they can possibly find that actually works and creates jobs before raising taxes on the rich by one nickel. That is all okay because people overreacted in a swing election in November and cannot possibly have changed their mind, polls be damned. What a ridiculous situation. Great voting, Minnesota!


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