By any comparison, Twins have slipped

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 12, 2011 - 10:25 PM

A year ago, the team was in first place. Now, because of injuries and poor play, they have the majors' worst record

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datelessnerdMay. 12, 1111:43 PM

What did the Twins have in 2010 that they don't have now? Wally the Beerman. This is what happens when you falsely prosecute a Minnesota icon. We're officially cursed!

ccschonsMay. 13, 1112:04 AM

It's not hard to figure out why the Twins score so few runs when you look at their batting lineup.

tmack24May. 13, 11 2:34 AM

The curse of Wally the Beerman? Yeah, I can agree with that, since he has been gone the team has been in the basement. We were told they couldn't compete in the Dome, so we (the tax payers) built them a palace. They were winning division titles in the Dome. I know so what, but at least they were winning. Now they play in an outdoor palace and can't compete. We all know it's not the Dome, Mauer, Gardy, Smith, or the Pohlad's fault, so you people must be right. It's time to bring back Wally the Beerman and all will be well!! We all miss him, and baseball history tells us how evil a curse can be. Great idea, the best I've heard yet. By the way, I think he prefers the proper respect and call him Uncle Wally!! What is Twins' baseball without Uncle Wally the Beerman? Apparently cellar dwellars, great idea we need him back.

mickey12345May. 13, 11 5:38 AM

Does anyone remember how the Twins were hitting at the end of last season? The hitting woes were apparent last year and the font office did nothing to correct it. The front office only cares about winning the division and giving everyone false hope about winning in the playoffs. The major problem with the Twins is the front office. On the bright side, the Twins should be able to trade the "dead wood" to teams who are trying to make the play offs.

meegwichMay. 13, 11 5:38 AM

Geez Sid, you'd think the reining Manager of the Year could figure out what's wrong with the Twins and fix it. Actually, it's pretty simple. The Twins took advantage of playing in a weak division for years and just happened to be the best of the weak. The playoff record confirms this. Your best buddy Billy Smith has decimated this team and its farm system with ludicrous trades and player evaluations. The once admired Twins farm system is the joke of baseball. This years Twins are just continuing their meltdown from last fall shortly after clinching the division. Gardenhire is strictly a yes-Billy, no-Billy, whatever you say-Billy kinda manager. He has to be. Wouldn't have a job anywhere else. The Twins pitching is absolutely mediocre at best. And Gardenhire's and Anderson's handling of the staff borders on criminal. Pathetic. I truly have seen better coached and run baseball programs this spring at the high school level in the Twin Cities than the performances put on by the Twins. And yes, this in entirely on Gardenhire. It doesn't matter where we these players come from. They are all professional ball players. So don't keep using the excuses that they are call ups. They should be managed and coached to perform at a professional level. Just for once Sid, call out a General Manager or a Gardenhire for failing to do their job the right way. If we don't pay attention to History we are doomed to repeat it. That's what has been happening with this Twins organization for a few years now, nobody it seems is paying attention where it matters the most. AT THE TOP.

key2winMay. 13, 11 5:43 AM

As usual your report/story here is about 2 to 3 weeks late for you to be at the top of your team! Status quo reporting, However, I wonder if you reported this 3 weeks ago if it would have helped the team? Hee, Hee, Hee-

drock918May. 13, 11 7:13 AM

One thing's for certain: it's time for Joe Mauer pull a Lyman Bostock and return one-month's salary to the team. No team should be on the hook for $3.8M per month to watch a player run in a swimming pool! Also, these guys will not be back next year: Thome, Span, Cuddyer, Morneau, Pavano, Valencia, Casilla, Capps, and Nathan. In fact, most will be gone before the deadline this year. Nice roster, Buffet Bill!

jocurtis72May. 13, 11 7:29 AM

No kidding they slipped. The blame lies with many people. BS has done nothing good for this team since he took over. He traded away both solid minor league catchers and got no value in return, leaving the Twins with garbage and no depth there. He let the good relievers go and did not find good replacements. He let go of the starting middle infield and replaced them poorly. He failed to improve the bench. He did not find an ace. The minor league system has nothing to offer, the AA and AAA teams are among the worst. BS must go. The training staff cannot keep players healthy, they are the worst in professional sports, they must go. Gardy and his staff are inept. They make excuses, cannot get players to play fundamentally solid baseball like the Twins did when TK was around, and let the inmates run the asylum. Gardy is also a clown for calling out someone like Valencia when Cuddyer has something like 5 RBI in 100+ At Bats. There is no on field leadership. This team needs some big changes. Wake up Pohlads!

bobcat743May. 13, 11 7:56 AM

At least ticket prices will drop if this type of play continues. The ticket re-sellers who snap up as many as they can in March will be hurting in August and September. I'm looking for a couple of $5 seats behind the dugout.

notsidMay. 13, 11 8:24 AM

Come on, kids! The Twins team is designed/set-up to generally be competitive in the usually weak Central Division, nothing more and nothing less. The owners do not expect them to ever do much in the playoffs, if they make them. They just aren't a very good team no matter who is playing for them. Most of the other teams in the Division have done things to make them stronger while the Twins have tried to stay even or less. Heck, the Royals have done fairly well against the teams from the East, teams that the Twins simply cannot compete with, i.e. last night the Royals absolutely clobbered the Yankees, something that the Twins could never do in their wildest dreams. Reusse's pre-season pick of a third place finish in the Central Division may still be right-on although it could be a little bit optimistic. They aren't a very good team no matte who is playing for them but they are exactly what the owners want them to be to satisfy their business plan for that part of their business portfolio.


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