Arden Hills stadium a done stadium deal? Hardly

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA, ROCHELLE OLSON and KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 13, 2011 - 7:57 AM

As Ramsey County worked to solidify its position as the Vikings' favored location, Minneapolis forces maneuvered.

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forfreedomMay. 12, 1110:05 PM

You can bounce this ball right out of the state as long as it takes my (taxpayer) money to fund a private business owned by a very wealthy man who could pay for this himself. Not one dime of taxpayer money!!!! The insanity of this fiscal irresponsibility is staggering. Not one dime!!!!

sarahanneMay. 12, 1110:06 PM

Does this mean that the Chamber of Commerce is going to finance the stadium? They always seem to want the government out of private businesses.

dtmonkeyboyMay. 12, 1110:09 PM

WHAT??? The team is blaming critics? That make ME ANGRY! The state said it would only pitch in $300 million and the Vikings agreed to a deal that will cost the state more than $500 million. In addition, they forgot to get the support of the biggest city in the county!!! Seems to me the Vikings are unreliable business partners...for the first time, I'm starting to think they should leave the state.

cmooreheadMay. 12, 1110:13 PM

This is the same type of political BS that gave us the Metrodome. A generic stadium that has no character and was obsolete alomost from the start! Going to a Vikings game in downtown Minneapolis is no fun. The ATMOSPHERE at The Met was much better, even though it wasn't a great stadium. I love the vision the Wilf's have for the Arden Hills location. Tailgating and a gameday experience will bring a lot of people from out of state. Just look at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City!

VIKESWINMay. 12, 1110:17 PM

As much as i like the vikes I just can't see supporting Arden Hills plan. I took VIP tour of Dallas stadium and they kept bragging about how many events they schedule. The day I was there it was a party for a private company of 30 tables on the field. We need 22,000 parking spaces and 280 million in roads for that? Lets be real this is for about 30 events in a year. Horrible public subsidy. I don't blame Wilf for asking I blame our state leaders for saying yes...

kevin125May. 12, 1110:19 PM

I extremely like the bill all of a sudden it seems fair the state pays basically for the roof they wanted and roads while the vikings pay for around half of the stadium and ramsey pays for the rest. Hopefully this passes. Remember the state wanted the roof anyways vikings wanted open-air so that would of been a $200 million dollar difference and $100 million for other cost like roads which almost should be paid by the state anyways for help on the roads. Also We’re going to lose one of our major assets in the state if we don’t act,” said Rep. Morrie Lanning (R-Moorhead). “If the Vikings were to leave, Minnesota would lose a state asset and $20 million or more in tax revenue every year. That’s money we use to fund our schools, nursing homes and public safety.” This was from last year but i think she still thinks the same. The stadium bill is important and basically with a dislike of this comment you dont like the tax revenue money used for schools nursing homes and many other things.

mnpikeyMay. 12, 1110:31 PM

The Metrodome has been, and always will be, a TERRIBLE location for a stadium of any size. NO room for tailgating, no "on site" parking, hard to get in and out of the area quickly, etc....

nothappyMay. 12, 1110:36 PM

it might cost up to 240 million for the roads? double that and then factor in traffic congestion during the construction, years of delays and lost hours sitting in traffic jams for a stadium on polluted ground that isn't fit to live on. if it must be, it must be in minneapolis. p.s. love coleman's idea about spreading the hit.

dtmonkeyboyMay. 12, 1110:38 PM

if you are correct and we loose $20 million a year if the vikings leave...then we definitely should not build a stadium...over the 30 year lease, the cost of the stadium is more than $20 million a year.

tobyg32May. 12, 1110:45 PM

Forget downtown mpls, I went to ONE game at the dome and never went back. A HORRIBLE experience! If they build another disgusting indoor football facility I will NEVER go to a game. Football OUTSIDE with tailgating or nothing! Get rid of a roof and save MILLIONS! Build another White bubble and watch everyone laugh at the Vikings for another 30 years AGAIN!


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