Vikings stadium details emerge

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and R OCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 12, 2011 - 6:15 AM

As it became clearer how the Vikings and Ramsey County would allocate obligations, St. Paul Mayor Coleman was loudly quiet.

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Bandit01May. 11, 1110:05 PM

Gov. Dayton and Rep. Lanning - The state's commitment should not rise above $1.00, not $300 million.

kevin125May. 11, 1110:13 PM

I extremely like the bill all of a sudden it seems fair the state pays basically for the roof they wanted and roads while the vikings pay for around half of the stadium and ramsey pays for the rest. Hopefully this passes. Remember the state wanted the roof anyways vikings wanted open-air so that would of been a $200 million dollar difference and $100 million for other cost like roads which almost should be paid by the state anyways for help on the roads.

rhinohornMay. 11, 1110:22 PM

There a quite a few surprises here. All in the Vikings favor. 1) The Vikings are not responsible for all costs over-runs. 2) If there are savings, the Vikings get the first $41,000,000. So when they change the roof to fixed the Vikings contribution goes down to $365,000,000. 3) The Vikings retain naming rights. The State was counting on this in their $300,000,000. 4) The Vikings refuse to pay for the road improvements despite Dayton, Lanning and Rosen saying they will be deducted from the State's $300,000,000. Wilf ran circles around Ortega and Bennett. This thing is DOA.

dcplaya16May. 11, 1110:23 PM

Vikes lets go retractable and keep that baby open in november december and hopefully january

bredpathMay. 11, 1110:27 PM

"To me," Rep. Lanning said, "the future development is a future issue." Yeah, you wouldn't want to do anything crazy like 'have a plan' for anything beyond 4-5 years.

mitty13May. 11, 1110:30 PM

Poetry Night at the White House? I think I'd rather rearrange my sock drawer. But, you know, to each their own. Nice job, Arden Hills and Ramsey County.

michraba33May. 11, 1110:31 PM

The NFL has contributed to several teams that have just built new stadiums. Maybe they will pony up a few bucks here.

mnhockeyguyMay. 11, 1110:36 PM

Im a stadium proponent but this deal is terrible for the state and county alla the tax payers. At least put the naming rights money into the road development or into an interest bearing account and make payments for the costs from the interest, but I guess thats to much to ask of Zyg...

kevin125May. 11, 1110:38 PM

Here is what I said to the no vikings stadium We’re going to lose one of our major assets in the state if we don’t act,” said Rep. Morrie Lanning (R-Moorhead). “If the Vikings were to leave, Minnesota would lose a state asset and $20 million or more in tax revenue every year. That’s money we use to fund our schools, nursing homes and public safety.” This is why we need a new stadium we dont want vikings to leave

olsondanielMay. 11, 1110:44 PM

I sure hope we don't fall for such a transparent hustle. What a terrible deal.


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