Minnesota Poll: Big show of support for voter photo ID

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 13, 2011 - 8:59 AM

While 80 percent of respondents are in favor, parties remain split.

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ljfromminMay. 12, 1112:09 AM

This will be the last nail in the coffin for the Dems in 2012. Bring it on!

thunderballMay. 12, 1112:10 AM

This is a bad precedent, it should not be up for an amendment, it's only purpose is to depress voter turn out and make it harder for thousands to vote! Shame on the entire goper party for this!

mno0624May. 12, 1112:43 AM

Why would liberals support any measure which 80% of the people support? After all, they know better and need to tell us what we think.

oglethorpieMay. 12, 1112:45 AM

"Anticipating a veto from Gov. Mark Dayton, who wants any change in election law to have broad bipartisan support ..." Excuse me? The poll says that even 64% of democrats want it. That seems pretty "bipartisan" to me.

truthinloveMay. 12, 1112:54 AM

WoW! Those who oppose this bill have VERY WEAK reasons to actually oppose it! I am waiting for a REAL reason that makes sense! Seriously, you have to have an ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, write a check, use your credit card, drive a car, the list could go on. Voting is much more important than any of those other reasons for requiring an ID. The bill allows for FREE voter IDs...what is there to oppose?

falcon1662May. 12, 1112:54 AM

Still waiting for a Republican to present a legitimate case of voter in Minnesota. I have a feeling I'll be waiting a LOOOONG time for that proof....

zhangguotaoMay. 12, 1112:58 AM

Bills like this are pathetic and sad. In our country fewer and fewer people participate in the election process. Yet, even though there is no proof of voter fraud, bills like this are put forth with the stated objective of fixing a problem that doesn't exist. In reality, of course, the law is being used to further undermine voter participation in the repugnant hope that one party can hold down the numbers of the opposition. Shame

joycen62May. 12, 11 1:01 AM

Despite all republican efforts to hinder voter registration, we can get this done. The article is unclear. Is a drivers license with picture sufficient? Or is a separate "Voter ID" card required in addition to a picture drivers license? For seniors to vote, will a State ID card count? Everyone should get their birth certificate, electric bills, voter cards, state ID cards, and faceboof page ready, because a lot of powerful people do not want you to vote, despite your proper documentation. Young people...if you change roommates...change your address with the voting bureau. If you encounter a problem, call the Star Tribune.

joycen62May. 12, 11 1:07 AM

Has anyone gone to jail for voter fraud in Minnesota? I might be wrong, but this is more money spent on a non-existent problem. So tired of these republicans and more big government. Where are the jobs? Stock market and corporate profits have skyrocketed under business-friendly President Obama. Where are the jobs?

SirRuslynMay. 12, 11 1:15 AM

I don't understand the problem with Voter ID, the Federal Government in 2005 passed the Real ID act, that will force everyone to have an state ID that meets federal guidelines. So, the Federal Government can make sure we have a state ID for immigration and homeland security purposes. But, if you use those id's that everyone is forced to have for voter registration, somehow that will disenfranchise folks? How can there be a problem when we're all going to be forced to have an ID anyways?


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