Minnesota Poll: Most still oppose subsidy for the Vikings

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 10, 2011 - 8:02 AM

But, for first time, most also say public financing of Target Field was worth it.

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teapottydoltMay. 10, 1112:03 AM

Does it matter what most oppose? Most oppose war, there's endless war. Most opposed the Twins ballpark, there's a new ballpark. Most opposed a football stadium for the Gophers, there's a new stadium for the Gophers. This is going to get done regardless of what we the people want...Let's at least do it right. Give us the big parking lot in Arden Hills for tailgating (meant for football, established at Met Stadium) and forget the roof. This takes $200 million off of the price. The Vikings will once again have their home field advantage of playing in Viking weather. Maybe, just maybe they'll actually get to another superbowl. It's no mystery why the Vikes have yet to get back to the SB since leaving the great outdoors. Restore the Vikings and put the domed purple pansies to pasture!!

richieswensonMay. 10, 1112:12 AM

Sorry wolden, I don't get your point. So, soldiers watching the queens on tv from the middle of nowhere care about where and how new the stadium is? Seriously? At least you had the candor to admit it's just a big fantasy.

gofig999May. 10, 1112:44 AM

The US and MN are in an economic abyss. Solution: build another stadium. REALLY? Target Center for Timberwolves, Excel for Hockey, Gophers got a new one and so did the Twins. ALL with huge amounts of taxpayer money. Have you looked at the number of foreclosures? Or people who have lost their jobs? Oh sure, the new numbers being released show thousands of new jobs last month. But what kind? People with master's degrees spent 2 years looking for new jobs and ended up taking something that paid almost half of what they were making. Most of them still have student loans to pay. And you wonder why MOST of MN says "Vikings, if you want a statdium...pay for it yourselves!!!!!!!

joycen62May. 10, 1112:46 AM

If the owners win the current NFL labor negotiations, they have to pay more than 30%. It is billions into the owners bank accounts. The Twins have 81 games at home. The Vikings have 8. Do the frickin math. And the NFL is diluting their product. In 3 years, I'm not sure the public will like the NFL product. Zygi has to cough up 65% of that great Minneapolis proposal.

iaminagMay. 10, 11 1:11 AM

One of the best run countries in Europe is Switzerland. This is due to a number of factors including direct democracy. Every law, budget, etc. can be challenged in a referendum. Voters who do not agree with the parliment's decision to give money to a sports team, as an example, could request a referendum. If the referendum vote was then against the subsidy of a sports team, etc., this would become law overriding the parliment's decision. To bring the US back under control of the people, and away from the control of the special interests, direct democracy should be introduced. Minnesota could lead the way.

rfasthorseMay. 10, 11 1:14 AM

I would venture to guess that most people who think Target Field was worth the investment don't live in Hennepin county. I haven't seen any improvement in quality of life here. There's a heck of a lot we could have done with money like that to fix problems in Minneapolis and Hennepin County. I guess I have to be happy with the pittance that they give to libraries to justify a large wasteful expense.

tmack24May. 10, 11 1:26 AM

There is no reason the Vikings can't play at TCF field if they need a new stadium. They were one play away from the Super Bowl in '98 and 09, so indoors or outdoors has nothing to do with success. You want a parking lot to tailgate in, not a new stadium. A parking lot should be much cheaper. Let the owner, players, and media build it, they always talk the loudest, and pay the least. Stop letting them scare you.

aladdinsaneMay. 10, 11 1:41 AM

We hear too little about what the Twin Cities stadium market can reasonably bear. We are already overbuilt. There should be one large stadium (we have that with the Gophers' facility), one arena-sized facility (X-Cel is the better of the two existing facilities) and then the Twins baseball field, which has at least a remote rationale for its stand-alone status as it holds 81 games a year and baseball fields have unique properties. When the X opened, it immediately cannibalized Target Center's business; that's why they invested in "improvements" a few years back. So now we're going to throw good money after bad, continue overbuilding and cannibalize our stadia with taxpayers undoubtedly left on the hook for shortfalls. Economic downturns should be the time when society sobers up and frivolous spending takes a holiday. Apparently times aren't rough enough yet. Let's see how people feel when and if the double dip arrives.

gener7May. 10, 11 2:06 AM

I wonder what kind of vested interest the Strib must have in this. Nothing really changes; we still don't want it, they still don't know where they want to go; just bouncing new stories off us every day. We don't want any more corporate welfare, is it that hard to understand. And one more thing, did the question about Target Field ask if we liked the stadium, or if we liked paying for it? There's a big difference. It's a lovely place, yes I like it, do I like paying for it, no way.

mcjoe1May. 10, 11 2:12 AM

Build it now while financing is cheap and construction costs are low. The cost will be spread over the next 30-40 years, so there's no real reason to wait. If they build this thing out in Arden Hills then it will only be used by the Vikings and they should pay for all of it. If they build it in Minneapolis it will be a resource used by everyone. I bet they wouldn't even host a Super Bowl if it was Arden Hills. Who would want to come from out of town to hang out in an outer Minneapolis suburb??


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