Minneapolis kicks off $1 billion stadium 'game changer'

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE, ROCHELLE OLSON and STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 9, 2011 - 11:13 PM

The Vikings reacted coolly to the plan, which calls for the team to pay $400 million toward a new home.

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kimi08May. 9, 11 2:42 PM

MUCH rather have it in Arden Hills where you can actually do some tailgating.

a1batrossMay. 9, 11 2:44 PM

HOW MANY STADIUMS (stadia?) DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR? Honestly, I'm good with this if the public gets 22 percent of the profits. If not, I don't understand why we're paying Zigi Wilf welfare.

thacaroMay. 9, 11 2:44 PM

How many times do us taxpayers have to say NO to get it through these politicians thick skulls? If Minneapolis wants to pay for it, fine, I don't live there and I didn't elect those people there and dont care if those of you from Minneapolis wants to pay. Unless the state plans to find this 300 million from user fees and not taxes No, No and NO!

urushmaMay. 9, 11 2:46 PM

As long as the team is in Minnesota. Final Fours and Super Bowls and Big Ten Football Championships and the Vikings can make a home in Arden Hills. Why not? After all this time, Minneapolis comes up with this.. with 2 weeks to go? The whole thing comes across as rushed and mish-mashed. Minneapolis/Hennepin took too long and wasted too much time.

millie67May. 9, 11 2:48 PM

and expand a downtown hospitality tax on hotels, restaurants and liquor to go citywide. It also would impose a 0.15 percent sales tax, similar to one that Hennepin County established to help pay for Target Field. I am for keeping the Vikings here, even though I am a fan of the World Champion Green Bay Packers, but come on this plan sucks. I enjoy going out to eat and drinks and spending my money in my community, this puts the responsibility on financing the stadium on those who do not use it. This is a stupid plan. I will call the mayor and let him know, I hope others do also.

cylanthMay. 9, 11 2:48 PM

if the Timberwolves organization is also benefitting from this project, shouldn't they also be chipping in? I am for a new stadium, I think the jobs it will create, not to mention the additional revenue from big events like the Super Bowl and the Final Four will greatly benefit Minneapolis and the state as a whole. There will always be people against any type of new spending. Progress should not have to wait for these stubborn people to change their minds. Those were the same people against building a Twins stadium, and now they are completely quiet on that topic.

tmsmith1May. 9, 11 2:48 PM

Good job Mayor Rybak and Council President Johnson! It is about time someone show all of the windbags in St. Paul how to get things done! It is nice to see some out of the box thinking on this and that both of you see how big of an asset the Vikings and a new stadium are to Minneapolis. Good job my friends!!!

lopsideMay. 9, 11 2:49 PM

That will look nice in LA, where their taxpayers evidently have lots more spare cash to pay for it. Let me know when the budget is balanced, public school aren't laying off teachers, and libraries get decent funding again. Then we'll talk about splurging on a stadium that only the rich can afford to use.

Truckman182May. 9, 11 2:51 PM

This has absolutely zero chance of getting done. Please build the stadium in Arden Hills. We need an outdoor stadium with tailgating just like Lambeau and Arrowhead.

murphydogMay. 9, 11 2:51 PM

Ryback stands there with a straight face when asked how much property tax relief his propasal would mean and says "about 2% over 10 years" Wow -- Go for it, how could anyone possibly be against such a dramatic cut?


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