Four-lane St. Croix bridge wins GOP nod in Congress

  • Article by: JEREMY HERB , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 4, 2011 - 11:38 PM

Rep. Michele Bachmann's bill advancing the $700 million project had its first hearing on Capitol Hill.

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jeffs3000May. 4, 11 5:59 PM

$700 million dollar boondoggle! Driving around the Twin Cities, seeing how many roads and streets need to be repaved makes one wonder why $700 million dollars is being proposed for a project that serves so little. A 3,000 foot 4-lane bridges typically costs about $100-$150 million (new Lafayette and Hastings bridges for example). This project is a slap in the face for MN & WI tax-payers!!

remoguyMay. 4, 11 7:35 PM

jeffs3000 - you just don't understand that all those land developers in Wisconsin need a new mega-bridge in order to cash in on their investments. There must be some big donations coming in if Bachmann, Dayton, and Klobuchar all are pushing this thing. I can't believe that I agree with Betty McCollum on this one.

Willy53May. 4, 11 8:03 PM

So Representative Bishop thinks it is a dumb issue. Your telling me, Mr. Bishop, that objecting to spending 700 million on a minor bridge crossing to benefit a small portion of Wisconsin commuters, Mayor Haryski, downtown Stillwater business owners and a few developers hoping to get rich on their land speculation is dumb? Most people would say it is a wise question put to several politicians who suddenly find no objection to irresponsible spending, including Mr. Bishop. Is it "dumb" to worry about the precedent this exception to the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act will have on every other preserved river in America? Is it "dumb" to question the need to build a mega freeway through the HW 36 business district just to validate the unnecessarily huge high speed mega bridge? Is it "dumb" to want a lower and slower bridge that more appropriately preserves the Wild and Scenic nature of the St. Croix while adequately providing for improved traffic flow and bypasses downtown Stillwater, the two main objectives of the project? Is it "dumb" that the objectives of the crossing can be met with a 250 million dollar bridge that leaves more than enough to fund either the State's share of the Vikings stadium or their entire obligation for Central Corridor LRT. No it is not "dumb", it would be smart politcs and great legislation.

wally73May. 4, 11 8:24 PM

Please let me understand why we need to go through another 35w event. The current Stillwater bridge is rotting and already been inspected and found unsafe. The cost is riduculous but a solution or re-bid should be done and approved. It is about our safety not the worries of those who always worry about someone else who might benefit from it getting done. Concerned neighbor.

photofloMay. 4, 11 8:49 PM

The bridge needs to go down. Let us save a life before we lose one.

pompensteinMay. 4, 11 9:21 PM

A boondoggle that only serves a few.

personMay. 4, 11 9:24 PM

For reasons a mile long, this bridge NEEDS to be built. I'm a die hard Democrat, and it's not often (never) that I agree with Michele Bachmann - but at least she's working on something real for once.

justsayinMay. 4, 11 9:42 PM

A $700M bridge to Houlton, WI, population 1,421. You've got to be kidding. I wouldn't even waste $250M on that bridge. Not even $25M. If you're worried about the bridge coming down -- close it. No one in MN will miss it.

propdingMay. 4, 11 9:48 PM

Tax and spend republicans

pompensteinMay. 4, 11 9:52 PM

Amen, Willy53. They could build an adequate bridge for less than half of what they are asking. It's absolute hypocrisy to tear apart the Met Council, and mass transit initiatives like the Central Corridor, but then turn around and beg to fund a monstrosity of a bridge that serves mostly Stillwater. I know people in Stillwater are used to the best, but really. This area does not need a bridge large enough for a major interstate. Find a more cost-effective solution.


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