Video of Rep. Steve Simon draws national audience

  • Article by: JOHN RASH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 4, 2011 - 12:35 PM
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themostancieMay. 4, 11 2:10 PM

Thank you, Rep. Simon.

dubbleaMay. 4, 11 2:14 PM


ldinmnMay. 4, 11 2:25 PM

It was a great line. Not all Christians or Christian churches believe are against civil unions and gay marriage.

LakeliverMay. 4, 11 4:56 PM

There is far more scientific proof that being gay is not a matter of choice but of being biologically wired that way. Every society known to man has had gays. When identical twin boys were compared from exactly the same sort of societal influences such as family, peers, etc one started playing with trucks, play soldiers, etc. and the other with dresses, dolls, etc. By all reasonable analysis, these boys should have been far more alike than they were different if sexual disposition were a matter of choice. As a Christian, I've learned that God has been wiring some of humans sexually unique for as long as recorded history so I'm really wondering from where the intolerance is emanating. Couldn't be politically motivated, could it? If so, we have something far more analogous to the Holocaust than Bachman's absurd comparison of it to taxation.

alanam8May. 4, 1111:36 PM

How do we get more state reps like this guy??? Seriously, the guy is even tempered, doesn't raise his voice, praises his opponents, and still manages to knock out of the park one of the great lines of the gay civil rights movement.

my4centsMay. 5, 11 8:25 AM

It's a good line, and even for someone like myself who does not support redefining marriage it does make me pause and consider. Maybe an amendment is not the answer - but I would rather allow the people of our state to decide this issue rather than our legislators. ---- That being said, while this line sounds good, it does assume that God makes us a certain way and that is how we should live. I might ask "how many unfaithful men" or "how many alcoholics" or "how many conservatives" must God create ...

mplsatty41May. 5, 11 9:21 AM

Two years ago the DFL turned against Rep. Simon when he had the gall to speak out in support of the employees who were trying to unionize at the Minnesota Attorney General's Office. He carried on quietly and honorably in the face of such attacks, staying true to his position. His courage and integrity never wavered, on the unionization issue, and on many others. I'm so glad that he's finally getting the national recognition he deserves, and it makes me chuckle a little to see that the DFLers who attacked him two years ago are now tripping over themselves in an effort to congratulate him!

frankiemnMay. 5, 1112:47 PM

While I strongly dislike when politicians use religious rhetoric to make their arguments Steve Simon hits a home run with this one. Republicans and opponents of same-sex marriage have based their whole discussion around what they believe God wants them to do. Get over it. Do you know the difference between civil law and holy matrimony? What you do in your church won't change. You believe you have a right to vote on my life decisions? I'm "re-defining" marriage and somehow tainting yours? You may not like me but that doesn't give you the right to deny me the same benefits you enjoy.

k11m11p11May. 5, 11 5:17 PM

"... while this line sounds good, it does assume that God makes us a certain way and that is how we should live. I might ask 'how many unfaithful men' or 'how many alcoholics' or 'how many conservatives' must God create ..." Part of the point Steve Simon so eloquently made was that science leans heavily toward the view that homosexuality is not a choice but an innate characteristic and that it is no longer regarded as a disorder. Unfaithfulness is a choice. Alcoholism probably isn't a choice. Conservativeness is a choice. While we know alcoholism is damaging to family and society and thus, though God made and loves alcoholics, we seek to treat them, many of us do not see how homosexual couples in long-term, loving relationships (some even longer and more respectful of each other than many heterosexual relationships) are damaging to anyone. As for the people of the state deciding, I'm reminded of a poster once hanging in my children's elementary school: "What is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular." As a society we try to have mechanisms (some of which work well and some not) to protect the rights of those who would otherwise have their rights taken away by the majority (remember blacks and women years ago?).

maverick30usMay. 5, 11 7:51 PM

This is just another story that the liberal media in this country is driving. Why is it that the happy (gay) people need to flaunt there weirdness to everyone else? I, frankly, am really sick and tired of it.


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