At odds over gambling

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 27, 2011 - 6:23 AM

To address the state deficit without raising taxes, Republicans are leading an effort to expand gambling. Indian tribes are not the only ones opposed to the idea.

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morejusticeApr. 26, 1110:19 PM

The DFL has been bought and paid for by the tribal gaming interests! We need racinos, casinos in downtown Mpls, the airport and in St. Paul plus Canal Park in Duluth!!! 24x7 too!

comsenApr. 26, 1111:08 PM

Another big special interest for the DFL. Look at the money. They even stop other tribes from getting casinos to protect the fat ones now funding the DFL.

mankato58Apr. 26, 1111:18 PM

I am not for gambling, but why do we worry about protecting tribal monopolies on the gambling dollar in this state? Back when the tribes won the right to have casinos and we also added the lottery, we destroyed our community charitable gambling which funded many projects in rural Minnesota. With that lost, and with gambling a part of Minnesota life I say the tribes can either fork over cash or deal with the competition!

ramstrom24Apr. 26, 1111:22 PM

Why is no one proposing a casino by the Mall of America as well?

tonytk1Apr. 26, 1111:44 PM

I wish my job was protected from competition by the State of Minnesota.

edeneliseApr. 26, 1111:45 PM

morejustice: no we do NOT NEED racinos and casinos in MN. if you want to live in vegas, move to vegas. If you are concerned about the tribal monopoly, the solution is simple..stop gambling there, they will make no money and close, or simple increase the tax rate for the rich in the state.

nishkawdizApr. 27, 11 2:27 AM

Some tribes are painting a rosy picture on how the benefits of gambling are helping their own band members which is not true, one northern Minnesota casino has developed their own special monopoly in the last few years to benefit their highly paid salaried commissioners, while taking away the benefits from the lower level poverty strickened people. Republicans, go for it and start the ball rolling to take care of the State's deficit.

aonealphaApr. 27, 11 4:56 AM

The state does not need a new revenue stream. It needs to STOP spending money. Allowing the state to profit from gambling is like letting a drug user support their habit by allowing them to sell drugs. Hardly a formula for long term success. Shows Republicans in this state are not very smart.

vf1000fApr. 27, 11 5:03 AM

"increase the tax rate for the rich". So at what dollar amount does the "rich" level start today? The casino at the mall is a good idea

joeeeeeeApr. 27, 11 5:14 AM

I guess then the old Conservative mantra, "it's not a revenue problem, it's a spending problem", is not true. The conservatives have lied to Minnesotans and now every Minnesotan can see for themselves that in fact they are liars.


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