An ill-timed attack on Planned Parenthood

  • Article by: SCOTT DIBBLE
  • Updated: April 21, 2011 - 9:03 PM
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josh138Apr. 21, 11 9:16 PM

i am pro-choice but i cant stand pp or its racist founder margaret sanger.

leg620Apr. 21, 11 9:21 PM

If you're a good Catholic that cares about the reproductive choices of low-income women there's no doubt that you would be willing to personally finance those choices. Confiscating the wealth of some through taxes and redistributing it to others, for whatever purpose, is morally wrong.

orpheus90Apr. 21, 11 9:36 PM

leg620 writes: Confiscating the wealth of some through taxes and redistributing it to others, for whatever purpose, is morally wrong... Which is also, of course, utter bull. Leg620 is lying through his/her teeth, and would just as likely see your wealth "redistributed" to anti-abortion advocates who systematically misinform poor women about their reproductive options. Leg620 only agrees with "wealth redistribution" when it conforms to her/her hypocritical moral view.

medas2005Apr. 21, 11 9:36 PM

leg620: Why do you get all excited about having your tax dollars go to things that you do not like. That is how the government works. I do not support the Iraq or Afghan wars, but my taxes go there.

ronniereaganApr. 21, 11 9:41 PM

Mr. Dibble- Please explain where in any Catholic teaching that supporting/subsidizing abortion. Planned Parenthood would have huge support if they simply did not provide this service. Defunding PP has nothing to do with attacking the poor or needy- it is about whether tax payers should be forced to subdize abortion. Your article is insulting in the fact that you cannot stand on the abortion issue so you must find victims to cloud the issue.

orpheus90Apr. 21, 11 9:54 PM

As for the republican perpetual attack on Planned Parenthood, it's as stupid, ill-thought out and foolishly irrational as ever. Apparently beating up on the poor and beating up on women is an irresistible political urge to republicans. And like hard core street addicts, sadly, they can't resist. Unfortunately, we also understand - tragically - that rational argument, logic and diplomatic effort no longer have an effect on republicans. It's time for shock effect - perhaps the only thing that will penetrate their ideologically thickened skulls.

KillshotApr. 21, 1110:07 PM

What a prevaricating, whining excuse of an editorial. PP needs to raise their money privately -- no one is denying them the right to fund their abortion factories, just do them without my money. Where in the constitution is there a "right to an abortion"? Pay for it! There is no "social justice" in stealing tax dollars for services that violate others' religious beliefs.

SupervonApr. 21, 1110:11 PM

How do you prevent HIV with a test? Once you got it, it ain't going away. And, the other day, I see the HIV/Aids cases are taking a dramatic increase-so-what does that tell me? That sending PP any more money will do nothing except make more people there rich-and I could name names but I won't.

dpj0101Apr. 21, 1110:17 PM

I thought the Roman church frowned on artificial birth control of all kinds? Seems like a case of ill-placed piety on the part of the writer to even attempt this argument...

orpheus90Apr. 21, 1110:34 PM

Supervon writes: That sending PP any more money will do nothing except make more people there rich-and I could name names but I won't.... 1) Ah, Supervon, the notion that anyone working for PP is "getting rich" is only testament to your strangely amusing and rather odd fantasy life and 2) your argument suggesting "what's the point of spending more $ on AIDs if it continues to increase" is akin to saying that if world hunger is increasing, what's the point of spending more money trying to feed people. In other words, you do comprehend the blatant misanthropic absurdity of what you're saying, dont' you? One can only hope...


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