DFL, GOP both open to deal on health vouchers

  • Article by: WARREN WOLFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 20, 2011 - 10:08 PM

Different motivation, same end result: Nation's first such plan.

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srobinson081Apr. 20, 1110:24 PM

Lets experiment with this for a year first. We can give the legislators the same vouchers and they can buy the insurance for themselves. Of course we would increase the deductibles to about $20,000 so the effect would be the same as it would be on the working poor. Let us see how that works and then scrap it because this is a ridiculous proposition. This is just a boon for the insurance companies who are making record profits on your health. Insurance companies are the problem, taking a percentage of every dime spent by the state only increases the cost and decreases the return on medical care received.

tietacApr. 20, 1110:42 PM

If patients have a financial interest in the system, they will stop overusing it. Deductibles yes! trips to the energency room for a runny nose? Stop.

smeeagain2Apr. 20, 1111:15 PM

Great! So what happens when the for-profit insurance industry collects all the money and then leaves the people with bills that are beyond what they will cover? We will end up with folks back in the publicly funded emergency rooms or going bankrupt because they can't afford the bills. This is not a solution, its just another way to funnel public dollars into private pockets. In the end the taxpayers are just going to end up paying double.

mnfishrmanApr. 20, 1111:39 PM

What There may be a compromise or common ground on a very expensive state program and the governor is already threatening to veto ?? funny how the tables are turned. What say you now ??

mcjoe1Apr. 20, 1111:47 PM

Some things just don't add up. No private healthcare provider can negotiate prices lower than Medicaid/Medicare. When the government provides the healthcare it's essentially self-insurance. When it comes to government resources, there's nothing more effective than self-insurance. Going through private insurance companies is just adding another middleman - unless the private insurers are going to start refusing coverage.

potter101Apr. 20, 1111:53 PM

If you want to help the poor, giving them a $1000.00 deduction and charging them for the privilege every year, is the same as giving the middle class a $10,000.00 deduction charging them for the privilege. in both cases the poor and the middle class would both sink with the ship, they can't pay that amount. One year and they are buried. Of Everything that should be considered 90% of the effort should be put into a. gutting the profits of insurance companies and hospitals, bring their bill back into reality. So they won't think about billion dollar Golden parachutes and large multiple million dollar bonus's for each and every executive. With massive expansion in each corporation. All just the cost of doing business in their eyes.

trollsoutApr. 21, 1112:35 AM

I don't think anybody goes to the emergency room for a runny nose. It's very degrading the way some people speak of the poor. The problem with privatizing is that fewer resources means more profits. Insurance companies are the problem. Medicaid plan d got us into this mess and now dems. like Thissen are turning around and asking for more. Wall Street needs to get out of Washington.

ma66Apr. 21, 11 2:37 AM

Nuts ! Privatising Minnesota's health care system is uncivilsed. Single Payer is the only civilised solution.

dakmarknetApr. 21, 11 3:48 AM

ma66 - I agree with you completely. As soon as MN adopts the MN Health Care Plan the better off we all will be. Vermont is on the verge of providing universal health care for all of its citizens. Let's do that here.

olly_xApr. 21, 11 4:22 AM

People absolutely do go to the emergency room for non emergency situations. Some go to the ER for a pregnancy test rather than buy one at the store. Many walk into the ER chomping Cheetos and complaining of a tummy ache. We shouldn't demonize all poor people, but let's be honest: There is a vast number of people gaming the system in a way that ALL literate people who post on these message boards would find appalling. These people are taking up valuable, discrete and scarce resources because they feel entitled to handouts. We must find a system that limits their opportunity for abuse.


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