Carp alarm sounds

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 20, 2011 - 11:37 PM

A 27-pound bighead caught in the St. Croix River this week is a sign of a feared disastrous invasion.

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nogood6935Apr. 20, 1112:34 PM

Bowfishing starts on May 1st. Cant wait.It would be nice if we had huntable populations of grass carp and gar, but I'd shoot a bighead.

wunderdudeApr. 20, 1112:42 PM

Canada recently seized a truckload of live carp just like these attempting to enter their border. I wish Asians would keep their fish in their continent. They're killing North America's ecology.

phischApr. 20, 1112:42 PM

I thought I heard Big Head Carp was playing at the Zoo this Summer...

ointmentApr. 20, 1112:44 PM

It's about time. Now we can get rid of the job killing protections on the river and get back to allowing the job creators to create jobs for people. Protecting the river at the expense of people is now a thing of the past.

jimiekApr. 20, 1112:54 PM

Commercial fisherman on the St. Croix? When did that happen?

SangeliaApr. 20, 1112:54 PM

thing is, is it edible? like the silver carp is. several of the invasive species have proven to be good food sources. as well as a cash crop. look at the eelpout. it is now endangered due to how fast the folks in Asia are willing to pay for American Fresh Water Eel.

jrswanApr. 20, 1112:55 PM

How about a bounty on these critters? Americans love a good bounty hunt!

fish60Apr. 20, 11 1:25 PM

Bigheads jump just like silvers.

garcialaterApr. 20, 11 1:32 PM

I grew up on the Mississippi river, used to fish for carp all the time. Fun to catch. Two years ago I was walking over a bridge on a storm drain inlet to the mississipi north of downtown. Used to be a creek until we bottled it up. Anyway- Its a shallow area that attracts LOADS of carp in the spring and fall. I know very well what a typical carp looks like but there was one that stood out from the rest that day. The eyes were lower than the mouth. I stood above it and studied it for a good 5 minutes. Very distinctive. Not a typical carp. I emailed the DNR but never heard back. This was not a fish I had seen before in the river. I've been fishing since I was 5. Moral of the story- if you live near the north loop neighborhood keep your eyes out for these carp. That and the bedbug problem the warehouse district has apparently developed.

rkaputnikApr. 20, 11 1:42 PM

wonderdude -- Don't blame the Asians for this. Asian carp were brought in by fisheries in the South to clean up and improve water quality. Some carp escaped to the river and it didn't take long for them to proliferate and head north.


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