Sid Hartman: GM Smith not in panic mode just yet

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 17, 2011 - 10:52 PM

However, he realizes that the Twins need to start playing better, which includes getting their bats going.

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Zekeman10Apr. 17, 11 8:23 PM

If Mauer has a virus, all the antibiotics in the world won't help him. Antibiotics do not work on viruses because viruses are not alive. A bacterium is a living, reproducing lifeform. A virus is just a piece of DNA (or RNA). A virus injects its DNA into a living cell and has that cell reproduce more of the viral DNA. With a virus there is nothing to "kill," so antibiotics don't work on it.

videocatApr. 17, 11 8:32 PM

Let's face it. Joe Nathan is a high paid, 38 year old, a year away before recovery from the Tommy John surgery. Kapps wasn't the answer last year and isn't this year. The Twins are a team without a closer.

DacotaApr. 17, 11 9:23 PM

It would be better for the Twins to just go the "no comment" route with Mauer, instead of lying about him. Anyone with half a brain can read between the lines and knows there's a lot more wrong with Mauer than a case of the flu!!!

twinsfanwy1Apr. 18, 1112:00 AM

Watching the Twins play is making the natives restless. In fact, some are becoming downright hostile-me included. Let's go Twins! Pick it up-now-before its too late!

meegwichApr. 18, 11 4:48 AM

Here are the facts Sid, deal with them-- Billy Smith and Gardenhire are hugely responsible for the terrible start of the Twins this year. Smith did absolutely nothing to replenish a decimated relief corp. NOTHING. He did NOTHING to replace other key players from last year, the only exception was acquiring the 2nd baseman now injured. Funny, but just about every ex-Twin is off to a great start this year for other teams. Orlando Hudson already has more stolen bases himself than the entire Twins team. Neither Gardenhire nor Smith have a baseball eye for talent or the ability to manage what they do have. Whenever someone questions Cuddyer you do nothing but state what a great "guy" he is and what he does for the community. That having been said- he is highly overrated and has been a debit on this team for years. He would not make most other teams starting lineup. Madden completely out managed Gardenhire this past series, including motivating his highly paid, professional, grown men to perform as they are paid to do. Why did it take Joe Nathan to have to go into Gardenhire's office and TELL HIM that he was not ready for closing. Gardenhire cannot ever see the game through the blinders he wears.

jocurtis72Apr. 18, 11 5:33 AM

Meegwich is correct. Also, Smith should be in panic mode because he hasn't done his job well at all. I would grade him at a D since he's had it. There should be some accountability for his performance and Gardy's as well, but the Pohlads have their heads in the sand. Oh,and comparing this team to 1991's team is a travesty. That team had leaders,not excuse makers. That team had good on and off field management,not a bunch of clowns. That team had players with fire and guts,not a bunch of gutless wonders. I would bet all the money in the world this year's team won't even win a playoff series much less the World Series. Gardy can't manage his way out of a paper bag. How he won Manager of the Year is a mystery.

bgoldwaterApr. 18, 11 7:31 AM

Smith and Gardy are extremely overrated in this town. It won't take much more losing for fans to opt not to attend Twins games.... People don't pay money just to sit inside ballparks.

bgoldwaterApr. 18, 11 7:35 AM

Zekeman10, I think you ought to go ahead and let the DOCTORS that actually examined Joe Mauer decide the best treatment options for him. I'm sure they are far more qualified than you are to prescribe a remedy.

rms316Apr. 18, 11 7:38 AM

Jeez Sid, nice stat on the 91' Twins start of 5-10. But that team and this team are like apples and bananas.

transplantedApr. 18, 11 8:16 AM

I'm pretty sure a virus IS a living thing. But if all it is is a "virus," with Mauer, then why wasn't the type of "virus" identified? Seems simple enough to me. Why do the Twins think we're all that dumb, that we'll just eat whatever meadow muffins they hand us? Just because Sid does?


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