Gas prices drive new habits

  • Article by: CURT BROWN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 12, 2011 - 9:48 AM

Bikes dusted off, bus passes bought - even Cupid notified.

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brendanjeredApr. 11, 11 9:04 PM

Those must be some GREAT sandwiches for $11 each!

Grin0048Apr. 11, 11 9:19 PM

I'll take gas at $3.85 a gallon over 2 Ham and Swiss sandwiches for $22!

johnsopinionApr. 11, 11 9:22 PM

These gas prices are so insane, it's unbelievable. I think I'll knock the dust off of my bicycle, and ride to work, it's only 5 miles. In addition, I'll keep my 10 year old car longer, so I don't have to pay the ridiculous registration fees that the dfl jacked way up a few years ago. I may have to spend $1000 a year on repairs/maintenance, but it's a lot cheaper than $300 registration, higher insurance, a car payment, and even more expensive repairs that I can't do myself. Time to starve the beast of big government. We can do it, just use your imagination. Then the guv will wonder why no revenues are coming in, and he will HAVE to layoff scores of state workers and/or freeze their pay.

thunder8786Apr. 11, 11 9:24 PM

Welcome to Obamaville. This is EXACTLY what the president and other environmentalists have SAID they want; less gasoline, less car use. Get used to it unless something changes politically in 2012.

stempieApr. 11, 11 9:29 PM

Does it bother anyone else that MasterCard and probably other credit card companies track what you buy and then distribute that info to, "who knows who"? I don't remember being asked if my spending history could be tracked and distributed to others........

regexpApr. 11, 11 9:32 PM

So of course the smart thing to do is cut all investment for mass transit!

swmnguyApr. 11, 11 9:33 PM

If people think gasoline is expensive now, wait until they see what it will cost when our tax policies stop subsidizing the petroleum industry.

If people think renewable energy is expensive, or mass transit developments are economically unfeasible; well, they'll think differently after only a year or two of $150 - $300 bbl petroleum.

The politicians pandering to the undereducated Americans' love of cars for temporary electoral success are going to be singing a different tune very soon indeed.

best3800Apr. 11, 11 9:37 PM

Crank up production of electric cars, give the OIL subsidies to battery companies,oil is so yesterday and they've taken too much of our money all ready!

davejordanApr. 11, 11 9:38 PM

Yup, the price of oil is still $40 less than it was in 2008, and people are buying less gas, yet the greedy bastards have raised the price per gallon just about to 2008 levels.

LilBeaverApr. 11, 11 9:41 PM

Hang on to your "undies" folks with soaring gas prices we will not see another 2008 recession, but what we will see is the "Mother of All Depressions" the likes of which the entire world has never seen and one that will affect the economies of all countries World Wide. Hang on because it will be a WILD RIDE and not a very enjoyable one. All market segments like housing, retail sales, manufacturing, and travel will tumble in FREE FALL even Gold will plunge to lows never seen since America went off the Gold Standard.


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