Farms now a no-wake zone

  • Article by: BILL MCAULIFFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 11, 2011 - 9:35 PM

Red River Valley overland flooding is expected to keep spreading downstream, isolating homesteads.

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TmobioApr. 11, 1110:16 AM

Move. Pay for it yourself. It ridiculous to live in a flood plain. After all these years of being contained dredge the river. Just make it deeper.

elo_62Apr. 11, 1110:31 AM

They need to put super high electrical currents into the river when it is high. Then the water would turn to steam so there would be no flooding.

mnhockey99Apr. 11, 1110:49 AM

Tmobio - tell that to the residents of New Orleans.

BeerRangerApr. 11, 1111:08 AM

Tmobio, you don't seen understand the situation. No houses were build in a known flood plain. They were build where it had not flooded in 100 years. But since 1997, the flood plain changed and we have had 4 or 5 "500 year floods" since then. Hundreds of people have been bought out and moved from the most effected areas. Now dredging the river, normal level is around 15 feet and it crested this year at 38.75 feet but with about 10 times as much water flowing through. The river isn't that big normally so how much are you going to dredge to handle the 10 time increase in flow?

glenlivetApr. 11, 1111:44 AM

Maybe if northbound I-29 was closed PERMANENTLY at the ND border, people would get the message and eventually recognize that some places in the U.S. where human life isn't sustainable.

fredmeApr. 11, 1111:49 AM

Highway 9 is going to get UNUSUALLY busy!

dorkeemnApr. 11, 1111:54 AM

They need better headline writers... Is an indefinite stretch of road closed? or is a fixed stretech closed indefinitely?? And yes - the flood plain has changed - I-29 never flooded in the 8 years I lived in the valley from 1980-88.

glenlivetApr. 11, 1112:47 PM

The whole notion of an Interstate, going north of Fargo, is strange; a 4-Lane linking a county of about 100,000 with Winnepeg is questionable, to say the least. Put it this way, the creation of some states just didn't work out. In 1890, South Dakota had about 2x the population of ND (180,000). In retrospect, breaking up the Minnesota and Nebraska territories was misguided, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be remedied. When your state has more time zones that representatives to the U.S. House, it's time to contract it before it's nothing more than a place for rural elderly or ag subsidies, and the joke is over. I-29 shut down north of Fargo? Who knew?

drdingbatApr. 11, 11 1:17 PM

@ Tmobio, you have never been the RRV eh? And you have not read any of the previous articles, eh? That can make a person look a little foolish. It exposes one's stupidy. Some people would be embarrassed.

learn2readApr. 11, 11 2:30 PM

I tend to agree with the guy who said move. Sorry. I understand maybe you didn't know about global warming and flood trending 25 years ago, or didn't bother to research and read these things called STUDIES that were available at the U of M 10 years ago SHOWING this projection, but by now COME ON. Have to take a little responsibility for where you purchase a home. When we looked for ours, I avoided low lying swamp lands. Hm...accountability anyone? By now you/we/God and children all know this floods every year. Why are we wasting billions of tax dollars doing this every year? Why are they asking for BILLIONS in proposals to fix this problem permanetly? I for one would rather just pay out these people and get them to safe ground and be done with this reoccuring crap once and for all in the RRV. I realize that part of the state might not be the most educated, but come on.


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