New draft of social studies curriculum up for review

  • Article by: NORMAN DRAPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 10, 2011 - 9:03 PM

The standards, originally drawn up in 2003 and 2004, are being revised to make them more manageable.

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splitpeasApr. 10, 11 9:10 PM

"During the first round of public comments, the department held four meetings around the state, in addition to taking comments at the district website. The meetings generally were poorly attended, Aune said." Talk about democracy INaction.

uparentApr. 10, 11 9:27 PM

Were they written by the Taxes Board of Education? Fiction will override fact no doubt.

americanoneApr. 10, 11 9:46 PM

When is the test for phy-ed coming out? If my daughter did not show "ADEQUATE YEARLY PROGRESS" by running a better 50 yd dash time in the spring than the fall heads will roll!;) PS - Same goes for my son in music. Last time I checked he could not identify a B flat from a C sharp. Honestly, how about if we just educate the kids and wish them the best rather than spending all this time, effort, and money on teaching to a test?

rubybird74Apr. 10, 1110:16 PM

business and financial management should be required for all HS students.

buckhunterApr. 10, 1110:17 PM

Why do we need a Federal AND a State Dept. of Education ??? To spend more?????? Does not make any sense at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about looking for cuts HERE is a big one!!!

samo45Apr. 11, 11 1:50 AM

Let's start giving tests in ethics to anyone working in DC or on Wall Street. Maybe that will raise performance in those places.

lordhawhaw1Apr. 11, 11 2:05 AM

All I know from personal experience is that many of the kids being graduated from public schools have no clue about what being an American means... Individualism, self reliance, perserverence and hard work. Whether thats the fault of the teachers, the students, the parents, or all three is open for debate. Too many kids (and adults), feel they have a claim on their fellow Americans simply by existing. Our society as a whole does little these days to discourage these viewpoints. People believe they are entitled to a good life, a college education, a good home, a well paying job with lots of bennies, health care and other material things. Try and explain that these desires require hard work and are not guaranteed and watch the vacant stares come your way.

comment229Apr. 11, 11 6:40 AM

This new curriculum is part of the mandates by the state to try to appease NCLB and other state programs as well. I applaud the effort, and I know a lot of time and money has been spent on this, but how many failed "programs" (I call them gimmicks) have come down the line, filled many file drawers with paperwork and then set aside to gather dust for eternity? Can you name them? Most teachers who have been in the business for over 20 years can. There always seems to be money for idealogical programs, and not enough for realistic concrete teaching. In short, there are too many middle men and too many strings attached to money as it comes down from the feds and the state. By the time the administrators and program directors and innovators get their cut, there isn't much left at the bottom end. This is the new reality in trickle down in education. At one time, I was against down sizing the education departments but the mandates for NCLB made them necessary and that is just wrong. Prediction: by 2014 NCLB will become one of the biggest boondoggles in American history. I hope someone is keeping tabs on how much is spent on this, and then sending the bill to the people who started it. NCLB is a lot like Afghanistan; we are there, we are involved, we have spent a ton of money, but have no idea when it is going to end, and so far, not much good has come out of either. Blame politicians for all this? If not, who?

jillgolfApr. 11, 11 6:51 AM

lordwawhaw1- exactly! But you will actually get people arguing against your comment and that is a shame.By the way, where were the posting for these four statewide meetings? I would have loved to come. How about an article before the statewide meetings to let people know about them?

comment229Apr. 11, 11 7:07 AM

"what being an American means" is a loaded statement and over the years, I have seen this evolve which it probably should. You can blame our schools for this if you want, but remember, our schools turned out such notables as Bachmann who does not even know where Lexington and Concord are located, but has a tax law degree? What I do know, is you have to be real careful as to what you think makes you a good American and I find our positions hypocritical many times, when we go out of our way to help the poor and unfortunate of the world, and ignore our own.


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