Homewrecker? Troubled landlord faces eviction

  • Article by: James Eli Shiffer
  • Updated: April 10, 2011 - 7:29 AM

Whistleblower: Despite new management taking over, Minneapolis holds landlord responsible after years of maintenance complaints

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mnjoe5078Apr. 9, 11 4:42 PM

I'm in a different building than the ones mentioned in the article but I will say the new management company is doing a much better job - they still have a few things to work on such as getting the caretakers to clean up around the buildings a bit more. Good that the city is putting the hammer down on these types of landlords.

sonjalangApr. 9, 11 7:37 PM

I think it's cute that the landlord can just collect money from Florida, and then claim that after years of neglect, he should be able to keep his rental license because he hired a new company. I'm happy that the new management company is doing well, but the landlord deserves to be out of business after actively ignoring (and profiting from) serious problems over the years.

numan9999Apr. 9, 11 7:50 PM

Gotta love absentee landlords.

DufferHApr. 9, 11 8:13 PM

Fox News reported this last week, so how can you call it "whistle blowing?" I'm sure this criticism won't make it passed the moderator.

fishmaster36Apr. 9, 11 8:41 PM

Typical Minneapolis!

nichole1957Apr. 9, 11 9:20 PM

Most of the problems are probably tenant caused, Aside from that what is more important.....getting the property fixed up so people can live in it or punishing the landlord? My money is on punishing the landlord. The saaety of the renter really comes in second place with the government.

mamazogApr. 10, 11 8:07 AM

I live next door to a rental house in a very nice neighborhood in a first-ring suburb, and for 17 years I have fumed over the absentee landlord's nonchalance over what we have to deal with. While we've had some decent neighbors during that time, we've had big problems, too. And the landlord's solution? Wait until the tenants move out in the middle of the night, then come in and do bare-minimum maintenance, which nearly always includes replacing all the carpeting in the home. This guy lives down in New Prague, but he may as well be in Florida for the frequency of his visits.

langton4Apr. 10, 11 8:42 AM

"My money is on punishing the landlord." Unless you can give a reason for believing that, it simply sounds like paranoia. Is it that you think it's okay for a landlord to collect rent on a cockroach-ridden apartment that has no hot water and asbestos lying on the floor? If he is being punished, it's because he's breaking the law.

ovie3420Apr. 10, 1110:20 AM

I think the main problem is allowing a landlord of multiple units to make his full time home in another state. If the safety of citizens is truly the priority, some sort of on-site accountability should be required.

twinkie1Apr. 10, 1110:59 AM

How convenient to live in Florida so they can claim that they had know idea what was going on. If he can't live in the State that he rents in then there should be a rule of law requiring that an on-site Manager is employed. This Landlord should not only have his license suspended until sufficient repairs are met, but He should also be heavily fined because that is the only thing that seems to get their attention.


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