Bill would ban video of farming operations

  • Article by: BOB VON STERNBERG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 8, 2011 - 9:39 PM

Animal rights advocates say it is an attempt to clamp down on whistle-blowers; sponsors say it's an effort to stop harassment.

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kpersson8Apr. 8, 1110:20 PM

Another example of how big business owns the republican party. Everyone knows big Ag does not care about the animals it uses for profit. The problem with this law is that not only will people be barred from seeing the horrible conditions that animals live in but we will be barred from seeing the unsanitary conditions our food is produced in. This will be harmful for people. We have a right to free speech in this country and business does not have the right to legislate it away!

parn0015Apr. 8, 1110:20 PM

So...the Republicans want to make it a felony to report on the illegal mistreatment of animals by giant corporations? So if I create audio/visual documentation of a crime taking place, I myself will have committed a felony? Yeah, that seems about right by Republican standards.

martytoilApr. 9, 1112:45 AM

"It's aimed at people who are harassing and sabotaging these operations,'' said Sen. Doug Magnus, R-Slayton. "These people who go undercover aren't being truthful about what they're doing." Can you say Planed Parenthood, Alcorn, NPR. Talk about calling the kettle black.

gop4darkagesApr. 9, 11 4:49 AM

And this contains solutions for the budget deficit and "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" -- both issues trumpeted by the GOP since back in November -- how again?

When you have children and adolescents like these sponsors trying to drive the bus in the Legislature it should be no surprise when it runs in the ditch.

lmt001Apr. 9, 11 6:15 AM

This bill makes it sound like they have a lot to hide. Why try to pass a bill of this breadth otherwise? It will not reflect well on this industry.

vortex100Apr. 9, 11 6:38 AM

This bill is so clearly and absolutely unconstitutional it's laughable. This bill is going nowhere and will die a quick and deserved death. The Republican authors of this bill should be ashamed.

freedubayApr. 9, 11 7:47 AM

WE also need to ban free thought. Free thought leads to dissident behavior and disrupts society with idealistic thoughts. We also need to ban comment pages.

ravenmxApr. 9, 1111:09 AM

Well it appears agriculture and farming are in someones pocket. If you were running your operation decently then you wouldn't have to worry about videos. But when your workers are sexually molesting animals (sick), cutting body parts off when they are still alive ect then it seems you should have something to worry about. Yes animals are animals and yes we eat them but do they really have to go through unnecessary pain to come to our table and do you really have to be down on your knees just so you can hide something that is easily changed if you would just spend a little money.

stahoviakApr. 9, 1112:03 PM

The reason undercover video is used is because regular journalists are prohibited access. The public is prohibited access. Yet these mass-produced slaughterhouses represent 99% of our meat supply. The public has a right to know what's going on, but politicians exist to line the pockets of BigAg. People questioning why 7 year old girls exhibit signs of puberty should see what's in their meat, since we eat meat for 3 meals a day in this country. They should also think about why we are so fat, obese, and have skyrocketing health care costs that end up breaking our budgets--it's all this meat! And we cannot see how this meat is even processed!!This is what AgriBusiness does. They know that they are endangering human health with how they mass-produce animal slaughter then socialize the costs of obesity, polluted groundwater, wrecked rivers, broke illegal immigrant labor, and destroyed countryside. BigAg is an evil entity, and cannot take transparency.

atoadsApr. 9, 11 1:44 PM

Undercover people who video tape this work at farms for years inorder to maybe get one little clip. The majority of people are 2-3 generations away from farms and have no idea what goes on. imagine if you never have been to a hospital, and i show you a video of people stabing a baby in the leg with a needle without numbing it. or someone on the opperating table being cut open. You would probably want this to be shut down for crewlty to humans because you have no idea what goes on or what it's for. you see 2-3 clips from peta or HSUS, and think that every farm is that way. I'm not saying that every farm is good, but 99.9% are good. Have you ever watched a video on moving cows, or planting corn, combining beans, or buying seed? that is a normal farm and how it's operated everyday. Stop at any farm, and tell them that you want to see how the animals are, all of them would let you see them because we need to show you that we do take good care of animals. people DO NOT want to see how a cow or hog is butchered. they do not want to see how a dog is taught obedience because the trainer will physically scare your dog with a choke collar, or a stick if it disobeys. It's out of sight, out of mind. You hear of a person being murdered 2 miles away from you, and it doesn't even bother you but it should.


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