Souhan: With Joe, Gardy, the rest is a mystery

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 7, 2011 - 9:31 AM

When should the All-Star catch, DH or take a break? The answer got a lot more difficult for the manager regarding Friday's home opener.

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dugoutdog10Apr. 6, 1110:37 PM

TK never rested Puck at home. He understood that people drove from all over to see him play. Gardy does not seem to understand or care that people feel the same about Joe. Noone drives 3 hours to watch Butera catch. Gardy will never have the fan's love and loyalty like TK did until he figures out 1) how to win out East 2)how to win in the playoffs and 3)fans want to see Mauer play.

youknowit123Apr. 6, 1110:38 PM

Sou - seems like you r digging for something that may or may not be there. We have a 184M invested in a catcher with a bum knee, great arm, bat, mind for the game. Round mound of Mgr Gardy needs to find days to rest his best player. If they play 2 tomorrow and then the home opener, I predict Mau-Mau plays in game 1 and rests in game 2 to be ready for the home opener Friday. Let's wait and see...that's not too hard is it?

codesixApr. 6, 1110:41 PM

$63,000 a game to sit on the bench. Hey Mauer, how about donating your check everytime you don't earn it to charity?

mrspockApr. 6, 1110:42 PM

Just because you make an insane contract with someone, that does not mean it is in the best interest of the team to play them. Butera is a better defensive catcher, plain and simple. Mauer's hitting has been affected by his contract so much that the offensive dropoff between Butera and himself is almost insignifigant. Move Mauer down in the lineup and play him sparingly until when and if he can turn on a strike.

sniggleApr. 6, 1110:42 PM

Look, do you think anyone can tell any "superstar" what they can and can't do?! Heck NO! Mauer probably does not say anything to Gardenhose when he rests him. There have been numerous stories of how players will not let managers take them out. Mauer is a whimp!! that is all! Way over paid as well! Buster Posey still has not rested this year and Mauer would have been on his 2nd rest day!

wild4mnApr. 6, 1110:42 PM

He had today off, he can catch or DH Friday. Like Pavano said it doesn't really matter to him who catches. I'm all for giving Mauer regular rest but we are 5 games into the season and he has already had 2 days off. Let him catch the first two home games and then when Gardy trots out the B lineup for the Sunday afternoon game Mauer can rest again.

transplantedApr. 6, 1110:51 PM

I don't know - from this article, it sounds like Pavano's saying he doesn't care and hasn't expressed a preference for who he pitches to (or at least he's not said that to Gardy), which isn't exactly the story as I remember it being told before - and it sounds a bit like Gardy's putting it on Mauer for not being in the line-up, in a way, because Gardy asks him how he feels every day and if Joe says anything other than "stellar," apparently, Gardy will sit him. This is also not the way I remember the stories being told, previously. Maybe my memory is faulty, and it could well be - but Souhan seems to be making this sound like we don't always get the truth out of Gardy. And I've been wondering about that off and on for a couple years, now. What's really going on? Is Joe's knee bothering him worse than anyone's going public about? And should we be trusting everything Gardy says, as the truth? Where do we go for answers, then?

kinge51Apr. 6, 1110:54 PM

Grandpa Gardy overmanages. Mauer gets more days off than government workers.....

pashookApr. 6, 1110:58 PM

Something is going wrong regarding Mauer. Nobody is saying. Really, does he need that much rest@ 27? and the first week ofthe system? Look at Ivan Rodriguez with the Nats. 40+ years old and still catches 115 games a year. Hope I am wrong, what a great ballplayer. Whats this can't DH crap because its not a day off Gardy

dforbortApr. 6, 1111:13 PM

Frequently sitting a $23m per year player who is also one of the game's best hitters is just bad put it mildly. It is unfair to the fans, his teammates, and to Joe himself. This team has to find Mauer a secondary non-DH position to rotate into and keep his bat in the lineup. As the Yankees did with MVP Yogi Berra who split time between catcher and left field in the non-DH era, the Twins must do with natural athlete and presumably adaptable MVP Joe Mauer, whether LF, RF, or whatever.


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