Push for new Vikings stadium advances quietly

  • Article by: NEAL ST. ANTHONY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 6, 2011 - 11:53 AM

Lobbyists say several big companies pledged money for the effort. But the issue is touchy for businesses.

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bugaleenoApr. 5, 1111:02 PM

Any future deal will mysteriously not come to fruition. Why? Because the Wilf’s can more than double their money by moving the Vikings to LA. Just as fly-over-country lost the Lakers, North Stars, and Northwest Airlines it will lose the Vikings.

Rhino_TApr. 5, 1111:11 PM

When did the Vikings one-third contribution become a two-thirds contribution?

ndsiouxhaterApr. 6, 11 3:47 AM

Elected officials who call for a referendum are cowards. They don't want to make the call so they don't have to live with the consequences. If they stand up and say no stadium, and the Vikings leave. They will most likely be voted out of office. If they call for a referendum and it will for sure fail. Then they can say "you see, the people that didn't want it ran out and voted so blame them!"

jeffportApr. 6, 11 3:57 AM

I DO NOT want to pay for something I cannot use!!

comment229Apr. 6, 11 6:01 AM

When it comes time for the Minnesota Business Partnership members to put their money where their mouth is, they come up with a couple of people willing to give $25,000 each. Says a lot about this organization doesn't it? Tell me again how private industry is the answer to all our economic problems in Minnesota.

wcottApr. 6, 11 6:29 AM

"..I DO NOT want to pay for something I cannot use!! Well, I have to pay school taxes when my kids are no longer in school. Am I moaning and stomping my foot on the floor like a 8-year old? No...it's just the way it is. Taxes aren't an a la carte items. You can't picks and choose where your money is going. Suck it up, princess.

comment229Apr. 6, 11 6:30 AM

You might as well close the comment section down forever. I have told my kids several times, that doing nothing is sometimes better than doing something badly for everybody to see. If maintaining this feature of the online paper is this much of a hassle, then you might as well just discontinue it.

cheesesuxApr. 6, 11 6:44 AM

jeffport... My guess is that most of your taxes pay for sommething you can't use.

furry1Apr. 6, 11 6:46 AM

So business leaders are putting money toward the effort to push the stadium. Not toward actually building the thing, but toward convincing taxpayers to pick up the bill. One would think that if it was such a vital thing to have it would also be something they would be interested in investing in with their own money, but apparently it's not.

danroseApr. 6, 11 7:17 AM

it is nice to see people around here who roll up their shirt sleeves and get things done. the Vikings are far more important to this State and this Community than these anti-stadium people who complain about everything and contribute absolutely nothing to our great State except for their negative attitudes!


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