St. Cloud airport has everything but flights

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 4, 2011 - 2:35 PM

The St. Cloud Airport hopes to woo airlines away from crowded MSP, but landing them isn't easy.

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johnfivemsuApr. 1, 1110:17 PM

I think this is absurd, there isn't enough capacity to bring jet aircraft to St. Cloud. Mesaba Airlines flew Saab 35 passenger turbo-props there for years and the majority of flights flew empty or close to empty. The only reason scheduled airline service existed is because of government subsidies. Also, Mr. Rybak stating that regional jets are louder is an inaccurate statement. I would like to see the decibal difference between a Delta DC-9 and ANY regional aircraft compared on here...

dar928Apr. 1, 1110:17 PM

No one wants to go through getting on a plane in St Cloud to go to the Minneapolis airport, how stupid! A non-stop flight to other cities like Chicago or Arizona would be great though.

morejusticeApr. 1, 1111:12 PM

Until the Northstar Commuter rail goes to the front door of the airport forget it!!

FrankLApr. 1, 1111:30 PM

Think this through. We are talking a 40 minute flight with normal ATC delays, and then a minimum of 1 hour connection time. Except for rush hour, a person can drive the distance in less than 2 hours. So what is the point? How long will Delta keep MSP as a major hub?

folkestoneApr. 1, 1111:45 PM

Los Angeles tried this concept a couple times (as recently as 2009) utilizing Palmdale in northern LA County.....failed miserably due to lack of traffic despite the airlines receiving incentives. Wouldn't not expect a different result in St Cloud

geminosApr. 2, 1112:32 AM

Their are several alternatives to flying to LAX all within 35 miles. Orange County, Ontario, and Burbank, are all served with regular jet service by several airlines. MSP has no such alternative. A smart airline that currently does not serve Minnesota, like Jet Blue, could steal alot of passengers from the northern parts of the state.

comment229Apr. 2, 11 4:33 AM

"I see no reason at all not to do this," said Mike Landy, a member of the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC). "The dollars have been spent on this airport already." I do. Rochester MN already has the entire infrastructure and transportation system in place for commuting to the metro area. Better take a closer look at who is behind the possible earmarks for this one.

snootafiskApr. 2, 11 4:36 AM

Minnesota is turning into a cold Omaha. Soon to be fly over land, the state is hurting.

cadguymarkApr. 2, 11 5:51 AM

Who needs flights to Chicago? I thought they were building high speed rail to Chicago? Choo-choo! you will be able to live in Waite Park and work in Chicago. All aboard!

justmorecrapApr. 2, 11 6:27 AM

Twenty plus years ago, we thought of St. Cloud as an attractive alternative to MSP, but that was before NWA took a death grip on Mesabi and drove Vangard and Republic away. Once NWA cornered the market there, and at MSP, ticket prices soared and it no longer made sense to pay exorbinant fares, suffer a longer flight through MSP anyway, AND drive the same distance (although the free parking was great!). The article mentions Sun Country as flying out of St.Cloud, but I sure don't remember it doing so. NWA kept that airport under it's thumb, and controlled all the gates and access. The airport commission there allowed them to do so, and this is the natural consequence of a ruthless monopoly. Such a shame, since it's really a nice, little airport, but that's the downside of unfettered capitalism, and a might-makes-right kind of attitude.


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