Senate approves labor cuts

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 30, 2011 - 9:50 PM

Dayton is likely to veto the bill, which would also shift state workers into higher-cost health insurance.

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RicksmasterMar. 30, 11 9:56 PM

Every time I read this stuff I keep thinking, when will the cost consicious Republican volunteer to cut expenses on their end? Pawlenty didn't, and these new freshmen won't either. No, just put it all on the back of the working class. Get rid of these guys. Get jobs in America for Americans, and more money comes into the State and Federal coffers. Who will fix this mess we are in?

laker4115Mar. 30, 1110:07 PM

Congratulations to the Senate, it is about time we cut some of this fat from the state budget.

maverick30usMar. 30, 1111:32 PM

I want to know just exactly who the working class is. Is it anyone that works for a living? I think from the lowest worker to the richest worker, people work hard to make a living. The "working class" is just another liberal way of saying the poor people that work and need more handouts. I think this is pitiful! Shame on you libs!

hobie2Mar. 30, 1111:53 PM

I am glad to see the present GOP legislators admitting what an utter, unmitigated failure the last three governors and their republican legislators have been, and rolling up their sleeves and cutting all that fat in the budget that they have now found, fat that the poor-excuse-for-a republican Pawlenty couldn't even touch in 8 years and the rest of us couldn't find in 20 years. It takes real courage to admit their own Pawlenty failed utterly and miserably, that the Republican legislators have lacked even the smallest bit of skill in wrenching out a tiny bit of spending cut in the past 20 years, and thus admitting that they have been basically ballast the past 20 years - and that Ventura and Carlson were spendthrifts. Good to see that we have elected legislators who are so much smarter than any of the GOP legislators who have been over there these past 20 years. We are so blessed to have found these geniuses. I understand they have a new innovative plan to make some real money - even though they don't have the Brooklyn Bridge, they plan to sell it several times to raise some cash..... The "I was elected.. I suddenly now smart" GOP. At least admire their courage in now admitting by their actions that their former leaders were inept and incompetent... Huh? They didn't realize their actions say their former leaders were incompetent? No way...

hobie2Mar. 30, 1111:58 PM

Don't suppose it occurred to any of those legislative geniuses over there that maybe we -and Pawlenty, Ventura, Carlson, and the GOP legislators who had political skill - have ALREADY cut out all the fat, and what is left is basically muscle and bone?... I can hardly wait to see what they do in the next biennium budget close schools because they need the copper to balance the budget?

hockey68Mar. 31, 1112:21 AM

Yet again we see how serious the Left is not about fiscal responsibility in government. They'll whine until they get everything they want, regardless of outcome.

chablis28Mar. 31, 1112:46 AM

"As part of a plan to cut state government costs in half over the next two years, the bill would also move government workers into a high-deductible health care program that would increase their out-of-pocket costs, but save the state millions of dollars."###### I'm on the 3rd year of such plan. Welcome to the real world government workers. My out of pocket deductable is 5K/yr.

chablis28Mar. 31, 1112:50 AM

Just think 3 years ago the Left would be saying they couldn't cut a dime out of state government. Oh wait a minute, they still can't find a dime they will give up without kicking and screaming. How dare the Republicans only propose increase spending $500 million over the last cycle.

chablis28Mar. 31, 1112:53 AM

"People who lose their jobs will suffer just as much as someone who loses a job in the private sector," he said. "They both buy groceries, they both pay taxes."####### That is not a reson to employ someone if the job is actually not needed.

chablis28Mar. 31, 1112:56 AM

I like all the bold and innovative proposals for saving money coming from the DEMs. LOL


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