Chicago's rise fills Love with envy

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 31, 2011 - 12:53 AM

Back after missing three games with a groin injury, the Wolves' star pointed to the Bulls' unselfish play as a pattern to follow.

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oldhickoryMar. 30, 11 9:55 PM

Fire Kahn and Rambis

snoozecruiseMar. 30, 1110:01 PM

I turned on the game for about six minutes midway through the third quarter, just long enough to watch Darko throw up some kind of right-handed hook, shotput type gawd-awful thing that a seventh grader might have done back in my day (some things never change. I watched the Bulls clamp down on defense and toy with the Wolves with their precise offensive execution. I also observed Thibedeau (sp?) totally engaqed on the sidelines, totally invested, even though his team was up 20 points. Meanwhile, Rambis was sitting there in his poor imitation of Phil Jackson and for whatever inane reason calls a timeout with 45 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. I realize the Wolves need better players, but in my opinion, they would be wise to seek out an assistant coach such as Thibedeau who is PREPARED to step up to a head coaching position. There is no reason to keep Rambis. He is in over his head, and no other team would be interested in his head coaching "services" if he were let go.

drspammanMar. 30, 1110:12 PM

This is what you get when your owner is more interested in maintaining a healthy balance sheet; when your GM has low expectation of the team (even before the season starts); and when your coach is still day-dreaming about the potential head coach position he left... Talent-wise, I think this team could compete with Houston and Memphis for the last playoff slot, but with an ownership and a management team that do not demand excellence from their coaching staff, it's not surprising to see this team lingering at the bottom rungs of the league.

theinfernoMar. 30, 1110:16 PM

I have tried to be supportive of the wolves, but why does Flynn and Darko ever see a minutes worth of action. Somebody has to put a stop to those dribbling antics.

samo45Mar. 30, 1110:25 PM

theinferno, there is more entertainment in your two sentences than in a season's worth of Timberwolves. Thanks for the LOL.

ynottonysMar. 30, 1110:34 PM

snooze - When LeBron made a comment about contraction there was some offense taken. But, when you think about it, why is it that the NBA has superstars, stars, journeymen, newcomers, and also-rans? Look at how many guys play reasonably big time hoops all around the world. You'd think it would be easy enough for each of the 30 NBA teams to have at least 3 absolute superstars ... but they don't ... unless they actually all do but they just have horrible coaches. I think it's that the strong teams have 3 superstars and the middle of the pack teams have 3 stars and the cellar dwellers have newcomers and also-rans. And even when the team is loaded with players they go through slumps. Sure, Rambis could jump up and down and get red in the face screaming all night - maybe they'd have 2 more wins - maybe they'd have 5 less. I'm telling you snooze - the problem is that any real talent they have is young so they're inconsistent at best(their plan so no complaining allowed by Kahn or Rambis). I saw a mock draft that had the Wolves getting Barnes and Walker - still young but what a jump in talent. And then if they use their cap space to pick up a top 2 they'd be on their way. It's not Rambis - he pleads for them to share the ball - it's mostly that we have too much inexperience and too much lower quality talent. This off-season is huge and if goes well Rambis will be a lot better coach next year.

snoozecruiseMar. 30, 1110:54 PM

Ynottonys, I hope you're right. I think there's a difference between getting red in the face from screaming and being involved and coaching; I see Thibedeau doing the latter. Actually, I don't have a lot of hope for this team. This has been the Year of Disillusionment. I have no idea how the Wolves can possibly win 30 games next year, which at one time I thought was a reasonable expectation. Now, I'm thinking 22-25 is more likely. Like you, I can't figure out how there are not 240 very good to superb basketball players in the world, which would be enough for each of the 30 teams to have 8. Part of the problem is today's players are so incredibly unfundamentally sound, which makes for brutal, brutal basketball. When half of the Wolves can't dribble with their off hand, it's a sign of End Times. A bit dramatic, but you get my point. As always, I appreciate your posts, Ynottonys.

abemntocalMar. 31, 11 1:34 AM

There are two possible above average nba players on this team, Love and Beasley. The rest are not even average. And Beasley was basically released by a very good nba team, so how good is his talent level right now really. Do we all believe that Pat Riley doesn't know how to judge talent? Anyone that expects a coach to win with that talent has bought into the T-wolves marketing campaign. They have done a good job of acquiring possibilities, but there is just no where near enough talent on this team to compete with most other nba teams.

av_vajMar. 31, 11 1:59 AM

Trade Love. Not a franchise player. 3rd best on any other team in the league. Certainly not worth the big bucks he is going to be looking for. Can't finish at the hoop as evident in this game where he got slapped silly around the rim, but then again that seems to be every game anyways.

dkinnspMar. 31, 11 6:44 AM

Rambis says it's hard to fault the effort except in the Sacramento game. Are we admitting just how far this franchise is in talent from being even a possible .500 team? I for one am tired of the lack of progress on rebuilding this team since Garnett was sent packing. Too bad Taylor and Kahn don't share my disgust.


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