Twins to fans: You want kosher? We got kosher

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 30, 2011 - 3:58 PM

In announcing the deal, MSP Kosher said the price of the dogs will be in the same ballpark as non-kosher dogs sold at Target Field.

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steveminneMar. 29, 1111:42 AM

This is good news to see Target Field offering options for specific groups. Now when will they get serious about addressing food allergies? I've made inquiries and have been thus far ignored. @steveminne

kay353Mar. 29, 1111:45 AM

My mouth is watering already. Kramarczuk's is already my fave TF food booth and I loooooove those turkey sandwiches.

spfle1Mar. 29, 1111:51 AM

Where's the halal cart?

Gloria1985Mar. 29, 1112:10 PM

@SteveMinne (11:42) - What do you propose? Serious question. Aren't there enough foods for you to find one (or two or three) that you can eat? I am sympathetic, but my understanding about food allergies is you know what you can eat and you have an emergency plan for mistakes. Not sure what else can be done.

theburbsMar. 29, 1112:13 PM

If we are to serve kosher dogs then we should also serve halal dogs. Secular meat for a secular nation!!

ryannolanMar. 29, 1112:25 PM

How about a soylent green concession, seeing as how the Twins keep wanting another arm and a leg for their product anyway.

kntryboyMar. 29, 1112:26 PM

All Kosher food *IS* Halal, and can be consumed by Muslims. Jewish dietary laws are more restrictive than Halal, and contain the same prohibitions on pork and special slaughtering requirements. To be more inclusive to accommodate Minnesota's Muslim population, we would need to add middle eastern or Somali fare. I don't know anything about traditional Somali food (camel kabobs?), but it would be awesome if they added a falafel stand. Them's good eatin.

binkimaeMar. 29, 1112:29 PM

Never mind kosher. How about some veggie dogs?

karilynnMar. 29, 1112:31 PM

The is a large Somali population in Minnesota. So when are we going to see Baamiye Suqaar or Somali Sambusa at Target Field? There is also a healthy population of Hmong in Minnesota as well. When will we see Hmong Sausage Fresh Lettuce Wrap or fresh tofu spring rolls? I think the Twins should cater to every single cultural food there is. Why stop with Jewish Kosher food? God knows I coulod use a good bowl of cold borscht in July. Maybe they could get up to 1000 different dishes at Target Field. I think I will just order a hot dog from the vendor who comes down the row, but the fresh lettuce wrap sounds good. When will the craziness end?

quirky313Mar. 29, 1112:37 PM

@steveminne: I am a Celiac and was affraid I wouldn't have any options, but I was pleasantly surprised at my gluten free options. I even got a hot dog (sans bun, would have been nice is my husband remembered to get me a fork...) Maybe the site below can help.


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