State files suit against debt firm

  • Article by: DAVID SHAFFER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 29, 2011 - 11:21 AM

Collections giant is accused of "robo-signing" documents.

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kenw1952wMar. 28, 1111:20 AM

I know of several people who have had their lives turned upside down by the gestapo-type tactics that collection agencies are allowed to get away with since the laws were changed a few years ago. I know 2 parties who had their credit ruined, bank accounts garnished, reputations ruined.....and they are not even the people who owe the debt!! Because their names are common, the collection agencies figured what the ...., let's get a judgment and let the innocent people sort it all out later cuz "we just want money....anyone's money".

sunnyreaderMar. 28, 1111:23 AM

These despicable practices need to end. Thank you Lori Swanson for standing up for the people of Minnesota.

actualbob99Mar. 28, 1111:23 AM

"In a press release about a lawsuit filed Monday, Attorney General Lori Swanson alleged Midland created false and unreliable mass-produced, "robo-signed" affidavits as supposed "proof" of consumer debts in lawsuits against individual citizens in order to obtain judgments ... some of whom had no knowledge of any alleged debt." ~~~~ I just decided that if Lori Swanson ever runs for Governor, I'm her first volunteer and contributor. Keep kicking them in the teeth, Lori! Dedicated public servants like you is One Big Thing that makes Minnesota a great place to live.

carlbsMar. 28, 1111:23 AM

Thank you Lori Swanson. An AG who is actually on the side of the citizens!

woodyagMar. 28, 1111:23 AM

Throw these guys in prison, and throw away the key. They're killing out country- and some morons keep saying "wait, it's a 'moral hazard' to not collect debts..." Right. Oh, wait, I have a better idea. They need people in Japan to clean up plutonium now. Send these guys. They'd have a shorter sentence, that way. Just spend a week inside the reactor core, then they can go.

geo35mmMar. 28, 1111:26 AM

Gosh! Wolves and predators in the banking and credit industry! What a surprise, huh?

brainerdguyMar. 28, 1111:26 AM

And the republicons hate it!!!

thecap0Mar. 28, 1111:30 AM

Wonderful to see that at least one state's AG is taking a strong stand against the fat cat bankers who have done so much to bring down the American economy through their shady dealings.

mypcaccountMar. 28, 1111:36 AM

you mean the state is suing a company that is forcing individuals to pay their debts. The nerve of some companies. Forcing people to pay back those bikes, lawnmowers, computers, etc that they purchased; how rude.

minnesotakrpMar. 28, 1111:37 AM

Every affidavit "robo-signed" has in all probability violated the state notarial act as well for lack of personal appearance or everification before a valid notary public. I would extract every cent from these parasites and close their doors. There should also be a civil penalty imposed on sellers of debt who market debt after the expiration of the collectivle time period. That would make banks, and collection agencies affirmatively allege in collection documents under penalty of perjury, that the time has not expired. A $10,000 fine for lying on affidavits and complaints for $300 stale debt ould work well.


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