Richards, Wild try to shake pervasive mood of dejection

  • Article by: KENT YOUNGBLOOD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 27, 2011 - 11:43 PM

As the season-killing skid continues, the team is trying to salvage something.

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april24Mar. 27, 1110:55 PM

I'll say it again, TR is not the problem. If hey fire him just so they can say they've "done something" it will show they're not willing to look in the mirror and make the changes that need to be made. It's the players. Chuck needs to get creative this offseason, it can be done. What about Clouston in Ottawa? He hasn't been fired yet. He's a good coach in a bad situation and hopefully Ottawa is smart enough to realize that they need to make player changes. I hope the Wild have enough sense to do the same.

lindy_frank123Mar. 28, 11 1:21 AM

The guy who shouldn't be sleeping at night is the owner and the gm with him. But how can you sleep at night when you charge your fans 40 t0 120 dollars a game to see that "crap". How can you?

bobo72Mar. 28, 11 3:02 AM

Great guy; he still needs to be fired.

armymom1Mar. 28, 11 6:04 AM

lindy_frank123 paying 40 to 120 a game is a choice you make there not telling you to buy tickets.

mrblueskyMar. 28, 11 6:23 AM

I am surprised at Coach Richards reaction to a total lack of effort from his players. He is probably just like us and has no idea what to do with this group of grown men. How would some of the better coaches in this league handle this situation? I have noticed throughout the year that we havent recieved very many good breaks. I remember Greenlay saying, "thats a soandso great goal!" He was talking about a puck going off of our stick, hitting Backstrom in the back, going off the pipe and trickling in the goal. I am at a loss with this team, I have never seen anything like it. I still have a feeling that they need a coach that is more involved with the team. The wheels are falling off, they show Richards on tv and he is silent behind the bench. I dont think I saw him involved, yelling, screaming, coaching, behind the bench all year. He would probably be great with a team of vets, like the Wings? Maybe this isnt his fault at all? Maybe it is all his fault? Losing all these games will only help us in the draft. Where is our Captain during all of this? I dont think I have read a quote from him in the paper? All I know is that we love our MN Wild hockey team and someone needs to fix this.

kballrdMar. 28, 11 7:55 AM

Why am I wasting my time typing this, I dont know..I guess it's my therapy for having faith year after year and dropping thousands of dollars every year as well, hoping this team can find SOME way to make a run deep in the playoffs. I fault CL, CF, TR, in their EPIC FAIL of putting a competitve product on the ice. But even though this team is full of nothing but 3rd and 4th liners on most good NHL teams, their effort this past month has been painful to watch as a fan who is paying for their salaries!! Watching the last two games specifically, I see some fat salaries and veterans who are just COASTING! Schultz, Burns, Havlat, to name a few are must coasting around, swatting at the puck, then returning to the bench, just cashing their checks and doing nothing! In our daily jobs/careers, we would be fired for such lack of effort and failure to give a crap about our production. Absolutely disgusting and Leopolds empty seats and pocketbook next year will reflect his inability to hire a good GM and coach, and the pathetic players that make in one lame game what it takes most a year to make! Boooo! Okay, have a nice day Wild fans!

roymccMar. 28, 11 8:11 AM

TR is a decent coach, there is just not enough talent on this Wild team. DR left the cupboard bare when he was canned and it was evident going in that it was going to take a few years to rebuild. I would expect a playoff berth next season. If not then I would start calling for heads to roll.

yathinksoMar. 28, 11 8:14 AM

With this group of 3rd and 4th liners that Risebrough/Fletcher has put together, it was surprising we were even in playoff contention. Richards should not be judged based on this season alone as he had no bonafide scorer and virtually nothing to work with. Fletcher needs to buck up and get him some players, that is the problem.

pewtershmidtMar. 28, 11 8:53 AM


hckyjunkienyMar. 28, 11 9:03 AM

I'm not a local fan but I've enjoyed reading all the things fans have to say good and bad. Minnesota is a very classy organization. I would bet some of the mgmt looks over these posts and probably agree with many. But fans don't help the cause with comments like "wild sucks" "Blow up the team" ect........... Those comments get passed over without a look. Being an outsider (NY) I only see the lack of goal scoring as the problem. Before the colapse the defense was right up there at the top 8 in the nhl. They seem to work harder than the rangers do but no decent results. The rangers are hanging on that last spot or two also. It truely shows that hard work doesn't always get the job done. As I've said all season, mgmt brings in a couple UFA, dump a few unworthy contracts, and don't worry so much about losing a no 1 pick. Many of these kids change big time after a draft and can't handle the pressure. Not all of them but most. Trial and error CF CL. But just don't sit there and do nothing! I hope thing work out for the wild, The fans there deserve a winner! take care all


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