Where are the jobs?

  • Article by: DAVID SHAFFER and GLENN HOWATT , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 30, 2011 - 9:23 AM

125 businesses got subsidies tied to job creation but didn't deliver.

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FrankLMar. 26, 11 2:27 PM

The main contribution by government is to get out of the way. Too often the government gives money away while mandating social goals that make the company uncompetitive.

fortherecordMar. 27, 11 5:27 AM

If the consumers have money to spend they will spend it. Quite funding tax breaks to business and the rich on the backs of the middle class. If tax giveaways to business created jobs, we'd be seeing 30 pages of "Help Wanted" ads in the paper every day.

patrickjdMar. 27, 11 6:27 AM

Obviously for conservatives this is not news. The government should never be in the business of picking winners and losers. Anytime there is "free" taxpayer subsidies available liberals, such as lawyers and environmental groups, will go after those funds like its red meat...oops. I mean Tofu. The free market is what will ultimately spur the economy forward.

bgmach3Mar. 27, 11 7:21 AM

"Lawyers, lobbyists and consultants have been the beneficiaries of this $9.5 million," said state Rep. Tom Anzelc, DFL-Balsam Township The cry of the republicans, "cut taxes, do something to stimulate economic growth, government get out of the way." This again is a crock and a lie. You don't want unions, you don't want goverment. Ok, most unions are busted, the government is using our tax money to stimulate growth and development. I have no idea of what requirements or restrictions were put on these dollars but I don't think it would make any difference anyway. Some if not most employers have no intention of hiring whatsoever. They are going to squeeze, push and abuse workers here for more production and when that wears out and the stock holders scream for MORE MONEY now those jobs will go overseas. In the meantime our country's people will need more government assistance, hence more tax burden for the few that are left. If for once the "sickness of greed" would be identified, publicized and exposed for the mental illness it is maybe our country could get its economic health back for the majority not the minority.

ticknoMar. 27, 11 7:31 AM

Obviously for conservatives this is not news. They know that tax cut don't create jobs. But it sure does fill up the campaign coffers.

sbuffalo45Mar. 27, 11 8:02 AM

Listen everybody! Our leaders Mark Dayton and Barack Obama are doing the best they can. The wealthy are hoarding their money and our leaders are doing their best to re-distribute it to the rest of us, the workers. I trust them to do this and reward some of their crony capitalists, like GE, take luxurious vacations, but to leave the vast majority of this extra money to the workers. Also, the workers will continue to fight on their behalf when people start talking about extremists such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. We are going to get in their face and tell them the truth, that Obama and Dayton really do have our best interests at heart, even if it costs them the next election. The workers basically are sick of the crowded living conditions and long for Lebensraum and living space, and the re-distribution of our country's wealth to the workers in this country and the citizens of our allies who wish to rise up against their government.

toolman28Mar. 27, 11 8:05 AM

We gave billions in lower taxes to the rich because they create jobs - oh wait they just put that money into the cayman islands tax free and created jobs for accounting gimmicks that allows them to avoid paying taxes at all

jollyrogerMar. 27, 11 8:11 AM

Let the market decide. Government shouldn't be picking winners and losers.

jollyrogerMar. 27, 11 8:18 AM

People are outraged that GE had revenue of $14 billion yet paid no taxes, yet it's because the federal government gave them tax credits because of all their "green" energy products. Obama was so impressed he made CEO Imhelt his jobs czar.

fortherecordMar. 27, 11 8:20 AM

"Let the market decide. Government shouldn't be picking winners and losers." posted by jollyroger. So the regressives want Wall Street do that. Then when they fail, the rich have the middle class bail out the "free market" system so that the banksters can have billion dollar bonuses. The free market has screwed the middle class. Time for real regulation and taxation that allows business to work for everyone, not just rich shareholders.


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