Is your house historic?

  • Article by: STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 23, 2011 - 11:27 AM

Minneapolis is finishing an effort to document historic buildings for the first time since the 1970s.

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jordanhawkMar. 22, 11 8:58 PM

Hawthorne Housing director turns tail and runs from this historic dump when exposed!

halfabubbleMar. 22, 1110:39 PM

This just seems like a way to generate more red-tape for home owners who may not want their houses or neighborhoods or blocks "designated" as historic with all the encumbrances and costs that go along with such.

ebrandelMar. 22, 1110:51 PM

Remember though folks, they don't have enough money. Unless they need to hire a consultant to drive around your homes in a quest to generate red tape for those who dare to want to modify their "historic" homes. If they truly had no money, there would be no money for this type of thing.

DufferHMar. 22, 1111:27 PM

The is another examploe of your tax dollars at work, creating more red tape and costs for Minnneapolis residents. The rest of the world would laugh themselves silly hearing that Minneapolis officials consider a building "30 years old" as historically significant.

olsondanielMar. 22, 1111:43 PM

I like living in a city where houses and other buildings were built at different times, in different styles, and with different materials. It's excellent that Minneapolis is taking stock of our historical neighborhoods.

lordhawhaw1Mar. 23, 1112:25 AM

While most people can understand the significance of documenting historical buildings I think individual property rights in this country should be held in the highest regard. Property rights are a big reason we are free. I believe if any level of government wants to come in and tell a citizen they've decided to designate their residence or building as historic, then its incumbent on Government to offer fair market value to the owner for it. If the owner declines then the owner has to play by the rules Government sets up for the buildings it has designated as historic. The expense would keep Government on a leash as far as willy-nilly designating a property as, "Historic". Then slapping the owner with a bunch of rules and regulations that may be a hardship or impossible for an owner to handle.

lordhawhaw1Mar. 23, 1112:39 AM

Last thought. Giving Government the power to define any building over 30 years old is a system that is ripe for Government abuse. If local Government doesn't like a citizen or perhaps a business they need only ask what year was their house or building erected? Was it built in 1981 or prior? Great, get it designated a, "Historic" building and bingo... You can abuse the property owner all you want. Don't think it can happen? I have seen local Government go so far as to pass new zoning ordinances for only one reason; to target a citizen they did not like.

bwikMar. 23, 11 3:20 AM

The Minneapolis / St Paul area undoubtedly has one of the USA's best collections of 20th century churches. I hope we carefully preserve them.

WmToensingMar. 23, 11 5:18 AM

I now live in rural northern Calif. but the first home I bought was at 4111 Bryant Ave.N in the Camden area. It was built in 1895 & is a duplex. I don't know if its age makes it historic or if it is still standing but several years ago I drove by it & it still still looked like it did when I sold it in 1964. I later moved to south Mpls & had a beautiful house at 4717 10th Ave S., 2 blocks north of Minnehaha Parkway. I was told it was built in 1930 but it resembles a lot of other beautiful homes in the area. I sold it in 1970 following my move to the LA area but wish I had a home like that in Calif. According to Zillow it is worth a lot more than I sold it for but I had no desire to be an absentee landlord. I would be curious to know if these two houses have any significent historical value.

karendavid816Mar. 23, 11 6:34 AM

Amazing that any old (defined as built before the consultant and planner were born) house seems to be historic but when the Walker wanted a parking ramp, suddenly the old Guthrie Theatre lost all of its historic and architectural significance.


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