Wild ponders dwindling hopes

  • Article by: KENT YOUNGBLOOD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 19, 2011 - 12:09 AM

The players know they can't let their frustrations get the best of them if they are to make a late run for a playoff spot.

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bhrnew1lMar. 18, 1110:26 PM

Mister Know it all says: I am glad to hear that Burns is seeking consistency. The guys seem pretty torn up about everything, hope they are ok to play tomorrow

khorak86Mar. 18, 1110:42 PM

I will be at the game tomorrow, really disapointed I bought the tickets over a month ago when it looked like it would be a pivotal game with playoff like atmosphere but since they have fell flat on their faces, oh well should be fun anyway.

knight63Mar. 18, 1111:43 PM

Please..stop w/the playoff-push columns. This team is going nowhere, and even if it was, would be summarily dismissed in the first round. Everybody knows it. I want to go to a game. But i will not spend $100+ to see this team play. Get some real talent in here, Fletch. Please.

washburnlkMar. 19, 1112:34 AM

Ten of us going to the Lightning game April 2nd, at this point mostly to see Stamkos I guess. Third year with no playoffs, maybe drink vouchers should be included with tickets.

knight63Mar. 19, 1112:53 AM

Washburn: Yes, free cocktails should be included. Mgmt., (as many have previously pointed out) will sit on their hands, as long as the X keeps filling up every home game, regardless of how the game turns out...thats all they worry about. That part is very clear to see. Its getting OLD.

minneg56Mar. 19, 11 6:50 AM

@washburnlk & knight63 (former WAHA youth players?)- let me throw another log on the fire; then pass the whiskey bottle this way. Old minnneg will tell you a tale of pro hockey in MN! Google MN Northstars and go to season by season record. Do you think maybe there's an NHL formula for running a MN professional hockey club? Do you think it may have been initially 'boiler plated' by PT Barnum? Eerie correlation on (non)playoff appearances with stage of existence between the clubs. Formula- put a team on the ice; promote the product. Hope other team's big named stars are healthy for the crowd draw/promotion when they come to town- but don't exert too much effort to make your own product better- you don't have to. The 'hockey hungry faithful' will do anything to see hockey here- so it doesn't much matter if you actually give them anything on this end. I witnessed first hand the ebbs and flows of N's. All I've really seen with Wild so far is ebb of performance - flow of money to ownership - no reward to Wild fans in an improved product. I'm not anti Wild- I'd love to see a successful home club here. I'm just a realist. The old ownership 'bailed' just in time to bask in all the credit for bringing hockey here. (see N's Walter Bush/Wheelock Whitney). The new ownership (see the N's Gund Brothers?)is handed the 'built in excuse of rebuilding' to buy time with the fans for 3-5 more years from the previous group. Just preach patience to the fans- they'll swallow that one hook, line and... It'll be about year 12-13 before you'll be able expect Wild to be in the playoff picture ... only because the other clubs will have become tired and financially bruised from carrying the league for teams like Wild who simply make money- but don't reciprocate by providing a team that opposing fans want to come out to see. Nothing wrong with making money! (Had some myself once- then sent kids to college). Just at some point you have to produce something, otherwise it the money will stop. Pass the popcorn please?

clnorthMar. 19, 11 8:26 AM

How can anyone expect this no talent team to make the playoffs?

btaleenMar. 19, 11 9:05 AM

Love playoff hockey, just not the same though when you don't have a horse in the race. Another interesting off season for the Wild. Will we give Richards another year? Burns gone? No more sell outs?

fitzmanMar. 19, 11 9:07 AM

like i said back in july! No way this team has the talent or physical ability to survive in the season or playoffs. It is common sense to people that know this game and the people running this team are lacking this big time. Fletcher and leipold are going the wrong way down west 7th. Leipold better get someone in here to put this team back to old Minnesota hockey.

siouxchampMar. 19, 11 9:32 AM

Wait--someone thought a month ago, this was going to be pivotal game, for the playoffs? PLEASE!!!!! This team has made the playoffs, what-2/3 times in the past 11 years! ITS A JOKE! I refuse to support or cheer for a team, that can't draft, can't coach, can't find a True goal scorer and has always been one of the most boring NHL teams to watch. This is getting abit old, year and year!


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