Wolves striving to figure out exactly what they're playing for

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 17, 2011 - 11:35 PM

Two blowout losses in a row raise questions about whether Minnesota can compete in final 13 games.

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pashookMar. 18, 1112:05 AM

As a fan I am striving to figure out exactly why I am watching them.

vikesdynastyMar. 18, 1112:46 AM

maybe we should fire rambis, his defensive sets and offensive sets are too much for this team. its made for a 28 yr old team and were what? 21? we have too much talent not to win at least 25-35 games...but whatever what do we know

stj818Mar. 18, 11 7:58 AM

"Wolves striving to figure out what they're playing for"...I have been asking myself that question for years! If they haven't figured it out by now, perhaps it's time to take your ball, go home, and find another sport to play.

rzieskeMar. 18, 11 8:44 AM

Rambis likes to put the emphasis on "inexperience" but after 60 games the buck begins to stop at the coaching office. The lack of defense, frequency of turnovers, poor passing, poor freethrows, poor inbounds plays and defense of opposing teams pick and roll reflects on poor coaching.Randolf needs to play 30+ minutes the rest of the way. At least 5 players need to go and be replaced by athletic,defensive- minded players.Why there was no attempt to have a few veteran players signed with the young players was a big mistake. Rubio plus an impact draft selection and a major free agent is the least this franchise can do for their fan base. If not,this franchise will continue to be the laughing stock of the league. 1 more year for this coaching staff to prove itself and ownership to get their head out of....

silversliver99Mar. 18, 11 9:12 AM

Anyone who thought they would be good this season were fooling themselves. I expected a little more development though. This team needs a young scorer and good veteran to be contender. I don't think Rubio is going to be the answer. I do think they need to re-vamp there rookie scouting. I also think Rambis should be given 3 years. This was year one. He was handed a pile of crap, you can't expect gold. Maybe this year we can get a decent draft pick! If nothing else they did better than last year, albeit not by much.

lazyberbsMar. 18, 11 9:40 AM

The title of this story is very apt, but still makes no sense. These guys are making millions playing a game we would all give everything we own to be able to play. They have play for the money, fan adulation, and to not have to do menial jobs for a living. If they have not figured that out by now, they need to just step back into the life of a normal person and see what they would rather do. Also, if the schedule makers have put them into a tough situation, they must have been in an easier situation so far this year, and how has that worked for them? They need to really work on several things. First, work on keeping some average player from having a career night against them. Next, work on keeping their man in front of them and helping out on defense. Then, work on sharing the ball (Michael) and once in a while trying for an easy assist rather than taking a really tough shot. And on offence, cutting to the basket instead of just standing around on the opposite side of the floor when the ball is being dribbled to death on the other side. That is how a few more assists could be created. One thing we could do is to trade for some of those players who have career nights against us. They seem to know our strengths and weakness better than we do. At least, better than our coaching staff.

aesrocknMar. 18, 11 9:51 AM

Did not have high expectations for this season, 25-30 wins. They've been much more entertaining and closer in most of the games they've played in this year compared to last, which is a sign of improvement. To say Rambis/the Twolves have done nothing to develop their talent is to ignore the progress made by Love, Beasely, Wes and Pek. What upsets me more than the turnovers and lack of d though is the recent regression of Darko & Beasely. If these two played the second half of the season like they did the first, especially Darko we would have reached that win total.

codiabloMar. 18, 1110:11 AM

all you have to do is win 20 games...all you...ah good grief, I give up...thank god for the NCAA tournament (which is run by finks). GO HARVARD!!!

hous0116Mar. 18, 1110:55 AM

We had reason to expect a lot more this season than last, but did not get it. This team, supposedly "led" by Rambis, was horrible. Really bad basketball! And what's going to turn it around? Rubio? A decent draft pick? A veteran free agent? Even if we got all three, we're still nowhere near the elite teams in terms of talent. Note to the Pek supporters: This guy couldn't jump over a dime.

snoozecruiseMar. 18, 1111:46 AM

Sad to read that Ridnour says that at the very least they can play for themselves. I thought today's basketball players were "entertainers", which is why they feel justified in making the outrageous salaries they do, all at the fans' expense, of course. How about "entertaining" the fans with all out effort if not execution? Players who mail it in, show some integrity and mail your check to some worthwhile organization, whether here in the U.S. or abroad.


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