Unfit to be lawyer, yet a guardian for 200

  • Article by: JAMES ELI SHIFFER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 16, 2011 - 7:01 AM

The case of Terri Ann Hauge, charged with bilking 10 vulnerable adults, shows the flaws in selecting and monitoring conservators.

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mglovettMar. 13, 11 1:16 AM

Got to love the legal fraternity, and the brilliant state and local agencies that are protecting our neediest by hiring a company with a cute name and a lawyer at the helm!

rafannonMar. 13, 1111:01 AM

when a lawyer loses his license because of theft, why would the state allow this person to handle elderly people's money? The legal system is a joke when it comes to helping those in need

ryan2003Mar. 13, 1111:31 AM

It boggles the mind how easily criminals can secure employment handling money for individuals or companies

abusedfatherMar. 14, 1112:51 PM

The Hennepin County "Legal" system is the most corrupt and criminal "legal" operation you could ever imagine. It is run like the "mobs" used to be run. There is no distinction between judges and lawyers, in terms of their goals and objectives. The judges are lawyers, supporting their peers, bilking people out of their money anyway they can somehow rationalize it. The judges have immunity they bestowed upon themselves, no citizen or legislator voted for that, they make their own "Rules". The Lawyers are SELF REGULATED! Wake up! They only disbar the most obvious of criminals, as well as those with integrity who threaten to expose their "mob" mentality and the lack of integrity in everything they do. While there are Lawyers with integrity, i have yet to meet one who works for the county family court system, or makes most of their money from County business. IT is a heinous cult of abuse and compromised integrity across the board. If you want to look at the Hennepin County Family Court System, there you will find even more outrageous and criminal practices that would blow the mind of any one with a conscience and half a brain. The Family Court system has Guardian Ad Litems who are trained by their managers to achieve only one goal: Destroy one of the parents (most often the father), create a delusional and false reality that will enable the court to separate them from their children, in order that we can "justify" ordering the highest possible amount of "Child Support", which allows "us" (The County Family Court System) to receive the highest possible amount of Aid and Matching federal funds to pay our salaries & benefits, and create conflict to allow our "masters", the Lawyers (Judges are lawyers before, during, and after playing their role as judge, to enable the fleecing and destruction of families) to line their pockets with our money, (and the taxpayer's money in some cases). This is the most heinous and destructive, criminal and abusive so-called "legal" system in the world. It ranks right up there with and "Fascist" regime of third world countries and past dictatorships, and that is no exaggeration. The only difference is, it is the MONEY that they want, not our lives (even thought they do destroy that as well, they just let us live in the misery they bestowed upon us). The sick, sad reality is, this system destroys more lives, and abuses more children (and it sounds like in the elder/disabled care area it does the same thing, except its our grandparents and vulnerable individuals) than any war we have fought in in the last 50 years, every single year. It is truly shameful and disgusting.

fishmaster36Mar. 19, 1111:46 AM

abusedfather wrote it well. I will always be reminded of the huge case in Scott county back in the nineties. The county prosecuter- Kathleen Morris ruined the lives of so many people through her devious, or "under the table" tactics. And what were her reasons? She wanted to make a name for herself. You can read the full story in a book titled "Nightmares and Secrets" by Tom Dubbe if you would like to learn more. It is truly a well written story regardless of how sad it may be. It will definately test your emotions!

azjayzOct. 19, 11 7:53 PM

in 2008 two of my family members defrauded my elderly widowed mother. Mom's attorneys, from a large Minneapolis law firm, were given all of the evidence proving the fraud by the family members, yet moms attorneys did nothing with the evidence...so I did. I took the evidence to the FBI and they confirmed that my family members took numerous actions of civil fraud harming my elderly mom. i informed moms attorneys about the confirmation, and later I informed the court. Nothing was done on my elderly moms behalf, and the family members were allowed to continue to use moms assets to fight against my mom in the probate court- they used nearly 3 million dollars of moms assets AFTER all parties became informed of the fraud. Today- those family members are putting in their bid to become moms guardians, and AGAIN, moms attorneys are doing NOTHING to stop these family members or to hold them accountable for their fraudulent actions costing mom 3 million dollars. The court is well aware that the FBI confirmed the civil fraud but the court discedited the FBI very openly in it's findings and orders. Should any Minnesota Probate Court be allowed to appoint a guardian who is known to have committed civil fraud against the Ward they are being appointed to? NO. They should not, but in MINNESOTA......criminals are appointed as guardians and conservators EVERYDAY...BY THE MINNESOTA PROBATE COURTS. Welcome to Minnesota!! Elderly citizens BEWARE.

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