Audit: Sex offender program wastes money, is inconsistent

  • Article by: PAUL McENROE and WARREN WOLFE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 11, 2011 - 9:09 PM

Legislative auditor calls for better therapy, cheaper alternatives.

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kenw1952wMar. 11, 11 9:38 AM

Kind of scarey to trust that an "auditor" is an expert at determining if a sexual offender is at high risk to reoffend or not......If they are that good then why are we paying all of these expensive psycholgists etc.??????

govt4peopleMar. 11, 11 9:48 AM

How shocking, yet another government agency that is not run efficiently or cost effectively. Sex offenders are a type of criminal that we need to keep locked up. I think as a society we need to reconsider the types of criminals we lock up and for how long we do so.

upnorth85Mar. 11, 11 9:57 AM

If the mail sex offenders voluntarily undergo chemical castration (unable to get erections) they should be released. Otherwise what ever the cost of holding these people, it is a high risk to have these sex offenders access to vulnerable children. These people knowingly crossed the line, which indicates that they were unable to suppress their weird sexual attractions. They will continue to remain a threat until such time as their sexual urges are suppressed. History has shown that the incidence of repeat sexual assault is very high and they suffer from a disease and can only be treated by physiological intervention not hoping and praying time away from the population has automatically cured them.

troubledjuanMar. 11, 11 9:58 AM

The sex offenders that are most likely to re-offend, the violent rapist, or the ones that have harmed children need to just be taken out into the woods and executed! How much have we tax payers spent to keep the likes of dennis linehan locked up? The minimum risk offenders who aren't likely to re-offend, should do their time in a half way house and receive counseling.. But what do I know.. I'm just an evil uncaring Right winger!

DUSTYBMar. 11, 1110:02 AM

This is a an absolute travesty. How could we be spending 120k on these individuals, when we are running out of money for everything else

jownerMar. 11, 1110:04 AM

The headline says it all. This has been known throughout our communities for a while now. Hopefully these people recognize that true sex offenders will probably never be cured. How many times have they let a "Recovered" offender out just to find out that they committed another crime within days of being released.

plecksMar. 11, 1110:07 AM

Well we can't just let them out unless we want more kids on milk cartons. Time to unplug the TV's and go back to the work farm model - make them earn their keep in the institution.

rkhardyMar. 11, 1110:17 AM

so where is all the money going, if they just sit and watch tv all day? sounds like the staff is inadaquate which suggests low pay. I vote for the prisons with maybe a hundred year sentence. Cheaper and society stays protected.

superbremarkMar. 11, 1110:38 AM

Another FAILED Tim Pawlenty WASTING of OUR tax dollars. Go, Go, Gov. Dayton!

nitewindMar. 11, 1110:40 AM

RE: "auditors found that some sex offenders under indefinite commitment may be less likely to re-offend than dangerous felons in state prisons who are being released back to the streets."-------That is a ridiculous statement. How about you define "less likely" (80% instead of 90%?) and tell us what kind of crimes they have committed. While you're at it, tell us how likely the auditors are to allow these people to spend the weekend in the same house with them. Then we can talk about releasing them.


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