Crime wave in Mexico doesn't deter Minnesotans from ocean waves

  • Article by: PAM LOUWAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 4, 2011 - 11:51 PM

Winter weary Minnesotans are flocking to the southern warmth despite reports of violence in mostly non-tourist areas.

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sniggleMar. 5, 1112:15 AM

But why even take the chance?!! God people have no common sense! There are sooo many other places you can go.

goaliestixMar. 5, 1112:27 AM

There would be much less violence in Mexico if ther was not such huge market for drugs in the US. Think about it.

rguy5558Mar. 5, 11 5:34 AM

The only problem with the "noticeable increased military presence" is you can't be certain who that person in that uniform is being paid by!!

BillNMar. 5, 11 6:23 AM

Been here all week in Ixtapa Mexico and the weather is 84-86 every day! Love the people and they love the US tourists back. Been coming here for 20+ years and the prices are fantastic! Great food, clean water and not a sign of any problems in this little town! 90% of the people in the hotel we are staying at have been here more than 5 times and many 20 - 30 times! My family almost alway makes it at least 1 week every winter. 3 years ago we spent a month! Come and are recharge your batteries! 1 hour Messages on the beach are $20 - $25 depending how many you buy. Two of us bought 10 in 7 days (green hut past Carlous and Charlies, Anna is great).

teacherguyMar. 5, 11 6:49 AM

We are the ones buying the drugs and supplying the guns. We are the problem. I could stay on the couch with the remote in my hand but instead, I go to Mexico. I'm not stupid or reckless. I stay in familiar areas. Areas not bothered by drug users and sellers.I do not walk around unconscious. Again, we are the problem.

sidelockeMar. 5, 11 7:07 AM

We have been to Mexico many times in the past, usually renting a car, and loved the people and climate. I've driven all over the Yucatan peninsula, spent time in Mexico City, Toluca and Acapulco. But no more. This isn't a "crime spree", it's a war. This is one Minnesotan that won't be back any time soon.

jillgolfMar. 5, 11 7:10 AM

No chance my family is going to Mexico. It would be irresponsible as a parent to bring your children there. Tell me why go to a drug gang war and besides our country needs your money to stay here!

fuzzy48Mar. 5, 11 7:28 AM

mutt10R: Talk about hitting the nail on the head!

danderson1966Mar. 5, 11 8:03 AM

As I sit in my friends house on Isla Mujeres right now, I have always felt safe here. I lived in north Minneapollis the first 30 years of my life and feel better with my surroundings here. Yes I do have common sense and I can even think for myself. It's 80 right now with a chance of suntan at the beach in an hour or so. Don't believe everything you hear about Mexico. You have a better chance of catching a bullet in Minneapolis than here.

dbradyMar. 5, 11 8:04 AM

The US is probably the most violent country in the world. We have has as much, if not more violence as Mexico, averaging 16,000 murders annually over the last 5 years. Gang wars are plaguing most of our largest cities. But that does not keep me indoors, and I always recommend to foreigners to come visit us here. My wife and I have traveled to Mexico annually for the last 10 years; love the people, culture, resorts and weather. I travel the world for business as well, and feel as safe in Mexico as traveling to any of the large cities and destinations of the world. Mexican citizens rely so much on American tourism for their livelihoods. News stories about drug wars in Mexico promote a false sense of concern that is having a detrimental impact on the tourism industry and livelihoods of many Mexican citizens. Yes I would avoid the border towns along the US border, but Mexico is a very large country, that for the most part is not impacted by that. Actually, I feel safer traveling in Mexico than I do driving through N. Mpls neighborhoods with all those drive by shootings. If going outdoors here in the US or elsewhere, just be smart, and if you’re not looking for trouble, chances are it will not come looking for you. In the meantime, go visit Mexico, I know you’ll love it as much as we do.


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