Rash Report: Charlie Sheen shines light on pop-culture marketplace

  • Article by: JOHN RASH
  • Updated: March 4, 2011 - 8:18 PM

In a cold cultural calculus, stars often are rewarded or punished based on how far they deviate from our expectations.

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patrickjdMar. 4, 11 8:21 PM

Charlie will be forced to sober up real fast AND land in the poor house at the same time. Everyone connected to 'Two 1/2 Men' will sue HIM for all the salaries they will lose from the show's cancellation.

jeffportMar. 4, 11 8:46 PM

Tiger Woods career and reputation has really gone down hill because he has not won since the incident. If he would have came back and been dominant, it's a non issue.

pdxtranMar. 4, 11 9:17 PM

In earlier times, the antics of disturbed or spoiled celebrities were not major news stories outside of movie magazines. Now they're covered every hour on the hour on CNN and subjected to scrutiny in mainstream newspapers. With all the important things going on in the world, why do the TV networks, weekly news magazines, and daily newspapers pay so much attention to celebrity scandals?

datelessnerdMar. 4, 11 9:27 PM

The public is less offended by deviant lifestyles than by hypocrisy. As far as I can tell, Charlie Sheen doesn't pretend to be any different than he is. On the other hand, Tiger Woods' public image was a lie. Jesse Ventura spoke openly about his vices, including brothels, and he was still elected governor.

orpheus90Mar. 4, 11 9:28 PM

From the article: Artists and others have been self-destructive for a long time," said Thompson. "Painters, poets, novelists, actors, ballplayers -- you name it. Van Gogh cut off his ear .... True indeed, however, unlike the self-destructive greats of lore, today's generation of self-imploding celebrities lack the romantic lure that verges on mythic status - the sort that defined the likes of Van Gogh, Jim Morrison, Hendrix, Joplin, etc. Next to the legends, people like Sheen, Hilton and Lohan are the cultural equivalent of the tabloid newspaper one picked up while waiting on the check-out line at Wal-Mart - and about as disposable.

erintwMar. 4, 11 9:46 PM

Contrary to his claims, Charlie is not "epic" and is definitely not "winning" much of anything these days. Like so many other narcissistic celebrities, he's a legend in his own mixed up mind... someone who needs a lot of help but seems to have no intention of seeking or accepting any.

cleotispMar. 4, 11 9:48 PM

Stories about these people are only big because that is what the public has been spoon fed. Most people can tell you about Brad and Angelina but can't tell you where South America is. Its the pop culture generation and its pretty pathetic.

loveitMar. 4, 11 9:49 PM

The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance.

jstanthrnbrMar. 4, 1110:46 PM

"After Charlie Sheen embarrassed both CBS and Warner Brothers " Didn't know possible. Don't peg failure on the first meltdown in the corral. Charlie is certifiable in most states, but CA has nothing to claim in this.

sachmnMar. 4, 1111:19 PM

I wish all of the articles in this paper were as well written and informed (using multiple examples, sales figures, viewing figures, etc.) as this one was...if they were we may have an actual informative and unbiased newspaper that doesn't skip over details, grammar, spelling, and complete sentences.


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