Love's lament: Wolves are repeating last year

  • Article by: KENT YOUNGBLOOD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 26, 2011 - 7:51 AM

After combining poor first-half defense with awful second-half offense on their way to a seventh loss in a row, the frustration felt by Wolves players was evident.

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fosterdownerFeb. 25, 11 9:47 PM

Johnson/Ridnour showed up. NO ONE else.

snoozecruiseFeb. 25, 11 9:48 PM

If the Wolves are going to be increasingly terrible, why not finish 30th? The Cavs just might surpass them. Randolph ("Gramps"), in his first minute of play before he was quickly and deservingly yanked, showed all the energy of an elderly grandpa as he trotted up the court. If Brewer was the Energizer Bunny, we now have his polar opposite. You heard it hear first: Randolph has nothing to offer this team. When people talk about "tremendous upside" or that they are "intrigued" that means he can't play for %@#!. But in that sense he fits right in with this team.

seenenoughFeb. 25, 1110:02 PM

And Kahn has stated that this is the team he wants to grow with. Wow. The man is completely out of touch.

corkytFeb. 25, 1110:13 PM

Fans need to start boycotting this pathetic product that is continuously plopped out on the court.

getlanceFeb. 25, 1110:16 PM

Time for a completely fresh start - starting at the very top. As long as Taylor owns this team, they will fail as they've always failed under his stewardship. A very clean sweep is needed and soon, as all Minnesota have become sick and tired of this completely embarrassing franchise - dare I say the very worst in professional sports? You know it's all over when you're giving away free Wolves tickets for buying a frozen Pizza!

Daniel888Feb. 25, 1111:08 PM

Yep, the T'Wolves are officially the dumping ground of the NBA. Kahn and Rambis want the team to have that reputation....congratulations got it. As the Cav's beat the Knicks tonight, the Wolves have officially become the worst team in the NBA. That's something they can hang their hat on. Go Pups! Prove us all wrong.

defensewinsFeb. 26, 1112:15 AM

Kurt - Time for a team consultation with a good sports psychologist. Guys are "trying" but not the right focus and attitude. Need to get spirits lifted, heads screwed on right.

snoozecruiseFeb. 26, 1112:44 AM

A sports psychologist? It's about talent, and the Wolves are far less talented than every team in the NBA except for about three or four teams who are similarly "talented". It's not like they're exceptionally talented and are playing below their abilities. They are playing exactly at their abilities, at their talent level. A sports psychologist can't teach basketball skills or court sense. As Coach Green once said, "They are who we thought they were!" Many Wolves fans, including myself, are having a difficult time accepting the reality of the lack of talent on this team, as we thought they would be different than they are. Man, reality can be hard to accept sometimes!

Daniel888Feb. 26, 11 1:42 AM

4-16? Ouch! Keep shooting Michael (like he needs anyone to tell him) Remember when we were all excited about Martell Webster? Remember how the Wolves said he is 'long and athletic' and would fit in well with what Kahn and Rambis want. Funny. Hilarious. Now, they landed Randolph who they've been wanting for a long time. Long and athletic...oh yeah, this team is re-building. Good times. Go Lakers. They put a beat down on the Clipps. However, when Eric Gorden is on the floor, the Clipps are a decent team. Your welcome.

defensewinsFeb. 26, 11 3:35 AM

Basketball, like most team sports, is not just about who has the most talent. It's about learning to play together as a team. This requires everybody to play a role, complementary to each other. I can cite dozens of very talented teams that never were champions. And the champions are not always the most talented. As talented as Michael Jordan was, and amazing individual feats, he was never a winner until he learned to trust and play with those around him. Magic Johnson was so great because he always made those around him better, not padding his own stats but by getting the others to play together as a team, getting every player on the court working together. Hell, were Rambis or Laimbeer more physically talented than most of the guys now on the Wolves? No! But they were winners because they played their roles, played TEAM BALL (passing, defense, hustle, pride, refused to back down) and played hard ALL THE TIME. They weren't even as talented as some other players sitting on the bench, but they started (or came off the bench)and played their roles all the time and had long careers because of it. Our Wolves need to learn to do the same. Team play will win games. Look at earlier in the season when they gave some of the best teams in the league all they could handle. The guys were playing with confidence, working their butts off and trying to work as a team. And that was without executing everything as they should on offense and still trying to learn defense. Our guys can do it. You can laugh all you want about a sports psychologist, but some of the best athletes and the best teams have used them with great success. Not some quack, but the real deal.


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