Rep. Chip Cravaack's votes are all over the map

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ and JEREMY HERB , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 25, 2011 - 11:04 PM

He's a fiscal hawk - to a point. He backs Tea Party - sometimes.

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ebrandelFeb. 25, 1111:27 PM

What a great quote from Haley Morris. She clearly doesn't even know who Rep Cravaack is. It's about as generic a talking point as can be drummed up.

Mark27Feb. 25, 1111:35 PM

Despite my own partisan leanings, I consider myself to have a reasonably good eye for politicial trendlines and predicted Oberstar would be felled as early as August 2010 based on the national mood and Oberstar's unique vulnerabilities to such a toxic political climate. Looking forward to 2012, Cravaack is certainly vulnerable, but if he aligns himself with organized labor in as many cases as possible the way that he did with the prevailing wage bill, he improves his position dramatically. Conventional wisdom is that Cravaack won last November by overwhelming Oberstar in the southern counties of the district, but that's not true. Running up the score in the southern counties is not enough for a Republican to win in the 8th district. He/she also needs to cut into traditional DFL margins in the Iron Range, and Cravaack did that, holding Oberstar to shockingly low margins of victory throughout the Range. This will be the toughest group of voters for Cravaack to hold in 2012, and can he only hold them by supporting unions in most major battles. Beyond that, the other wild card is how the district changes after redistricting, but since Minnesota has retained all eight of its seat and the population in the 8th district grew at a similar rate to the state at large, I'm not expecting much change to the district lines. Should easily be the most fascinating Minnesota Congressional race of 2012.

ginny6Feb. 25, 1111:41 PM

Chip Cravaak is the first Republican down in 2012. Run, Tony Sertich, run!

karhu10Feb. 25, 1111:49 PM

Said Cravaack: "I'm getting hit from the right and the left, so I must be doing something right." Awesome!!!

daltrowitzFeb. 25, 1111:54 PM

Based on this article, he appears to be his own man. A man worth of respect even when you do not agree with him. Many in government cannot say the same.

duatichFeb. 26, 1112:07 AM

It's too early to judge how the votes will affect his popularity. The tough votes are still ahead and it is then that he will have to walk the tough Tea party talk that he was asserting during the campaign.

jstanthrnbrFeb. 26, 1112:13 AM

Read the story. I don't see anything other than rookie status, and that is to be expected. Most of his votes (or what he says he intended to) are right on the mark. THe only one I have a problem with is the support of prevailing wage. But he is not in my district. Chip, don't make me call John.

joycen62Feb. 26, 1112:15 AM

LOL.....I wish I had a dollar for every politician who patted himself on the back and said, "..I must be doing something right". My take on someone who doesn't understand which electronic button to hit on a simple question, is we have another politician looking to live a long life employed in politics. We need to find out how smart this guy really is.

mngrrrlFeb. 26, 1112:15 AM

But NASCAR sponsorships? Seriously? I don't even believe they sell motor oil, let alone an extended stint in the Afghan vacation outback. Surely that money could be better spent on recruiting efforts elsewhere? Hmmmm. Wonder where the NASCAR owners donate their money - Republican or Democrat??

GoldsteinFeb. 26, 1112:52 AM

The only way to save this country is to cut spending. Chip should have voted to stop Taxpayer dollars going to NASCAR sponsorships. The military has paid recruiters. It doesn't need NASCAR.


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