National forces converge on Wis.

  • Article by: PAM LOUWAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 22, 2011 - 10:43 PM

Charged debate over union power and fiscal conservatism intensifies.

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paulpalin12Feb. 22, 1110:02 PM

"The bottom line," said AFP President Tim Phillips, "is that collective bargaining is being used to force extravagant pension and health benefits that are crippling state budgets like Wisconsin's." ------------------------------------- Typical garbage from the same people that started the John Birch Society. That is all the Tea Party really is - the modern day version of the John Birch Society.

MAJFeb. 22, 1110:06 PM

Dayton needs to concentrate on his own house, before passing judgment elsewhere. Get to work Mark.

amazingmanFeb. 22, 1110:26 PM

Now we see how controlled the Democrats are, and, worse, their contempt for the process. i think I will show my contempt for the Democratic process, just like the Wisconsin and Indiana legislators....I'm not going to pay my taxes.

popadopolusFeb. 22, 1110:29 PM

Weren't the people who voted for representation that would balance the budget collectively bargaining for THEIR rights?

plathedFeb. 22, 1110:31 PM

I want to thank the public employee that plowed my street at 5 AM Monday morning. I know that you'd already been plowing roads for hours - long before most people were up for the day.

cashncareyFeb. 22, 1110:34 PM

Why does Dayton care about Wisconsin? How is his balanced budget going? Dayton is cutting funding for the elderly. Cutting $775 million from Human Health Care Services is obscene and hard hearted. How could any liberal support these cuts to our elderly and poor? And then Dayton turns around and uses this money to reward his union buddies. Disgraceful.

goferfanzFeb. 22, 1110:37 PM

Yes, it is hard to know who the bigger crybabies are-->the AWOL Dems spa'ing it up at a resort, or the union workers now realizing that a recession really has been happening in America........shouldn't they work on winning the next election? Isnt that the American way?

jester55Feb. 22, 1110:45 PM

You're seeing the beginning of the end of MANDATORY public employee union dues flowing from their paychecks to union bosses which are then used to support Democrat politicians. The collective bargaining is taking place between unions and the politicians they supported for office. Some racket. It was great while it lasted--for public employees, union bosses and Dem poiticians---but not the taxpayer.

give2attainFeb. 22, 1110:53 PM

I could have been pro-union if they had made 3 practical changes. 1. Give up Tenure/Seniority based job security and embrace Performance based like the rest of us. 2. Give up Education/Yrs Served based compensation and embrace Performance based like the rest of us. 3. Tie their pay and benefit scales to some job in the Private sector. (ie at or slightly above) I would be their cheering Unions on... Instead they chose to reward and protect poor performers. And demand ever higher compensation with no concern to the real world, and give most of it to the Senior folks whteher they deserved it or not. Sounds like they have their own Oligarchy going on..

boozlesFeb. 22, 1110:56 PM

Those of you who support the attacks on worker rights and collective bargaining need to go read up on the history of the labor movement, many people died so that you can enjoy safer work environments, livable wages and benefits including health insurance and retirements. To support the Koch brothers drive to kill the unions wont make your job situations better, it will guarantee that you will work for less wages, longer hours and have NO voice. You will all be serfs and have nothing.


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