Protests grip, divide Wisconsin

  • Article by: PAM LOUWAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 22, 2011 - 9:23 AM

Neither side seems willing to back down at the Capitol, and repercussions ripple statewide.

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bucklerFeb. 21, 1110:29 PM

To the great people in the State of MN, please listen: This is not a fight over pensions and insurance premiums (as some of the major news would have you believe). This is about removing unions and collective bargaining.

pedrohansonFeb. 21, 1110:33 PM

Introduce legislation to privatize the schools, or at least do a feasibility study on how to proceed. Government run schools is becoming a relic of the past, anybody can open a business that teaches children to read, write and think. Schools could have an endowment, like colleges, to help underprivileged students. Churches handled education for centuries, time for a real change.

sternitzkyFeb. 21, 1110:36 PM

The first recall has begun for a Democratic senator that has left the state. More will probably follow.

herovillainFeb. 21, 1110:37 PM

Only five states do not allow collective bargaining for educators. Those states and their ranking on ACT/SAT scores: South Carolina, 50th; North Carolina, 49th; Georgia, 48th; Texas, 47th; Virginia, 44th. Wisconsin, with its collective bargaining for teachers, is 2nd.

jchilman12Feb. 21, 1110:38 PM

Well at least the teachers have spoken loud and clear that their pay and benefits are more important than the kids. I'm glad police and fire are not as selfish.

herovillainFeb. 21, 1110:40 PM

Gov. Walker is nothing more than a puppet for the Koch Brothers. The Cons are once again against working people, for tax cuts for the rich, and for this country to become an oligarchy.

lillianquonFeb. 21, 1110:55 PM

But for many hardworking families, affordable insurance can be hard to find. The new "Wise Health Insurance" is giving you more control over your family’s health care by expanding your options for health insurance and making them more affordable.

aceofheartsFeb. 21, 1110:59 PM

When asking "who will blink first" are you asking who will show up to do the job they were elected to do? As Obama has shown, win the election and then you get to run the government.

luolehFeb. 21, 1111:01 PM

Unions are the backbone of America. For many years, since the first unions, the greedy owners have tried to break them. Without unions, there would be no vacation pay, sick pay, or any other benefits for workers. Wake up and smell the coffee: the rich republican class would love to break them forever. Lets not go back to the dust-bowl of the 1920's. Either we support the middle-class, or we continue to slip further into the depression we are in.

maynard75Feb. 21, 1111:26 PM

Unions are terrified they won't collect dues for corrupt leaders...spend millions on political ads...and actually have to have their performance evaluated. Education would be better off with higher paid teachers and no tenure...and it would cost citizens less in the long haul. Unions are obsolete and they know it. They nearly destroyed the US auto industry.


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