Wisconsin protests: Fewer, sleep-deprived, still determined

  • Article by: PAM LOUWAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 21, 2011 - 4:36 AM

Day 6: Neither side in the Wisconsin showdown over public employees' labor rights shows signs of giving up.

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jollyrogerFeb. 20, 11 9:11 PM

You don't have a right to a government job. That's the problem. They think they do.

drichmnFeb. 20, 11 9:20 PM

How refreshing to see people exercising their First Amendment rights instead of threatening Second Amendment solutions.

hatesredstarFeb. 20, 11 9:21 PM

FTA: ""Minnesota is not going to become a right-to-work state if I'm governor.People have a right to bargain collectively, he said. That's an earned right over the last century in this country, and for somebody to just unilaterally take that away -- just steal it away from people -- is simply not going to happen in Minnesota."**********you see, in Governor Trust Fund's world, introducing a bill, voting on it and becoming a law is called "just stealing it away". What a putz....

box127Feb. 20, 11 9:37 PM

Neither side can or should say I want it ALL my way. Can't they talk & COMPROMISE on a few issues to end this? I do find it hard to believe that what the governor is trying to do will have that much beneficial effect on the state's money woes anyway. I think it is an effort to bust the unions, pure and simple. I suppose he needs to appease those who got him elected--the tea partier simpletons and the billionaire Koch brothers. Yeah, they're for the middle & lower classes. Yeah, right.

lenovoFeb. 20, 11 9:46 PM

The graduation rate in the Milwaukee Public School system is 46%. The graduation rate for African-Americans in the Milwaukee Public School system is 34%. Shouldn't someone be protesting that? Maybe less pizza and more teaching is in order?

sternitzkyFeb. 20, 11 9:48 PM

Go home get some sleep. Then tomorrow morning, get up and go to work like the rest of us.

themostancieFeb. 20, 1110:06 PM

The unions conceded on the pension issue - forced by tax breaks for businesses that put this year's Wisconsin budget in the hole - and the governor still wants to break the unions. Keep up the good fight.

nortcydFeb. 20, 1110:12 PM

Go home, get some rest, and go do the job your paid to do. If being a public servant is not in your interest any longer then please walk away now.

bgronniFeb. 20, 1110:21 PM

The Gov should lay down the law. Go back to work or get fired. Your fake Drs excuses will not cover it.

hopkinscottFeb. 20, 1110:27 PM

The unions have already agreed to pay more for their healthcare and pensions. I do not see how eliminating collective bargaining for all the unions that didn't support Walker's election helps reduce the deficit. I do not like unions. I have not had interactions with a union that was not corrupted in some way. However, if you take employer regulation away from the unions it will just increase government oversite. I would urge greater union regulations, but I couldn't fathom removing collective bargaining during the recession. With so many unemployed and desperate people looking for work employers will be looking to take advantage of people that are willing to take lower wages with fewer benefits. Why should they higher you when the next person is willing to take minimum wage without benefits? Right now your option is to take the money the unions and hope to reduce the deficit enough to make a difference before they negotiate the rates back down or hope that corporate America will start ignoring the bottom line and keep your best interst in mind. Ugh. Maybe there is another option?


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