Dangerous, on the run, pursued by no one

  • Article by: PAUL McENROE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 28, 2011 - 3:51 PM

The harrowing case of a psychiatric patient missing for 10 months shows the gaps in the state's tracking system.

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birdpeepFeb. 20, 1112:09 PM

Whereas this fine gentleman should probably be permanently incarcerated in a mental facility, mental illness is a disease that most often can be treated. Who knows, if he would have gotton treatment for his alcohol addiction and other mental issues, maybe HE would be our governor right now!

shushyn78Feb. 20, 11 5:22 PM

Which one of you in the name of compassion will let this man move next door to you? Some people are dangerous always.

moraspeakingFeb. 23, 11 7:56 AM

Not all who are civilly committed present a risk of harm to others. Many who are committed are committed because they would not comply with "treatment directives". "Care providers" have to win the power game and avoid liability at all costs; the commitment process is freely used to meet this end. In the commitment process, patients are grossly underrepresented, and hospital staff's word is law. Family and patient input into the process is minimal and often dismissed. I have seen it happen dozens of times. The term "civilly committed" far more often represents a label and process assigned to make patient management easier for and lower risk to the provider than it denotes a real evaluation of a person's level of risk to themselves or others. That said, for that minority of committees who genuinely need commitment, it makes sense that walkaways should merit inclusion into law enforcement missing persons databases.

julievojoFeb. 23, 11 8:03 AM

Why is the State responsible for this guy? What about his family? My sister in law is mentally ill (paranoid schizophrenic) and sometimes dangerous. We have caught her in our house in the middle of the night, coming up the stairs with a knife. However, it is our responsibility to keep track of where she is and whether or not she is taking her medication and taking care of herself - even though she is in her 50's. When she's on her meds and eathing and sleeping properly - she isn't a danger. This man's family should bear some responsibility too, as should all of the families of the mentally ill. Why do we expect the government take care of us all?

sgtschultzFeb. 23, 11 8:07 AM

Do like the insurance companies do with their claimants receiving checks and are elderly. They don't want to keep sending checks if they are dead so they send PIs out to check on their location from time to time. The baggers want to cut law enforcement and agencies so pay the private sector to do it.

kenw1952wFeb. 23, 11 8:15 AM

The DHS and it's "experts" should be terminated, it is the largest waste of taxpayer money in the entire budget. Their philosophy is to enable and entitle without consequence or expectation.

animaluvrFeb. 23, 11 8:43 AM

How about inserting a tracking device under their skin like we do for the pets we love?

ikemplsFeb. 23, 11 9:08 AM

Hate to bring the news to you all but, as we run out of money to pay those, in some folks minds "lazy no good state workers who need their union busted" who are charged with keeping track of folks like this. We will be seeing more of these kind of things happening. Deal with it or find the money to pay the hard working people who keep the monsters in thier cages.

gking2mnFeb. 23, 1110:37 AM

Its simple. when you go to the doctor for a serious medical problem, they ask you rate your pain from 1 to 10, your answer determines what pain medication you get. Ask the caregivers a simple rate chart on the indiviual to determine his or her stablity to be compliant with there discharge directives. they also need a board to determine these release request just like we have parole boards. then they have to listen to all the input directly not by viewing a pile of paperwork. And yes both sexes can be extermely violent. And to the post of julievojo, he may have a saftey system to manage his family memeber , but alot of people have no clue what to do. Example, a case in edina about 6 months ago when the father and stephmother tried to do excatly that and came to fairview and said they son was paranoid schizophrenic, they listen to the son and sent him home, 2 hours later he cut his stephmothers head off and he had been in the committment system and they let he out like this guy. Just a reminder so people's minds cannot be trusted to be stable.

lakesargeFeb. 23, 1111:13 AM

In reading the article, I came away with even more respect for Sheriff Lake. I was able to work with her and her officers multiple times in the past and am always impressed. So, to solve this problem of the mentally ill folks running around causing problems, the governor should put Kelly Lake in charge of Dept. of Public Safety. She gets the job done.


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