Wolves have found level that's below rock bottom

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 18, 2011 - 7:58 AM

David Kahn and Kurt Rambis have failed just as miserably, if not more so, than those before them.

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blasphemerFeb. 17, 1111:18 PM

All of Jim's continuous happy and optimistic thoughts are starting to make me sad.

bernielomaxFeb. 17, 1111:28 PM

It is hard to believe how little of L.A.'s year-in-year-out playoff contending team and Phil Jackson rubbed off on Rambis. So far into year #2 he has won 28 of 138 games. I get a feeling of disconnect watching post-game press conferences or even timeouts with an arrogant inexperienced head coach talking down to his players.

foofighter21Feb. 17, 1111:40 PM

I'm sad to say it, but this is the best column I've ever read on the Wolves. It hits the nail on the head in every single way.

dtlundFeb. 17, 1111:45 PM

So true, the only way the Wolves have double-digit wins is because the Heat gave Beasley away. Just think, the Wolves gave away Curry for Flynn, Ty Lawson for Webster and Cousins (headcase or not he's worth something) for Wes Johnson. At least they didn't trade Ellington for a bag of balls, but that's what they should take for Brewer, or glue him to the end of the bench. No other team is going to think he's an NBA player just because the Wolves keep running him out there.

tomtorgersonFeb. 17, 1111:49 PM

Souhan you are a miseable wretch and a terrible sports columnist! I sincerely hope the Strib does not pay you a penny for your innaneness. That said, the Wolves are the youngest team in the league and will grow with time. I do agree that Rambis is not the answer on the bench though, as he is neither master motivator nor master stratigist. Thus, not the man to nurure a sappling of team into full bloom. Phil Jackson wouldn't be the guy either, as he has cut his teeth coaching teams that are at full flower. That's Rambis' background as well. The Wolves need a patient bench man who is also one who will improve the talent and nurture it. It very well could have been McHale, and it needs to be someone like him who has a sense of humor and deep understanding of the game's nuance. As to Kahn, what do you expect when you let the twit David Stern hand pick your GM. Glen Taylor needs to be a bit more patient but the heat should start to be turned up on Kahn to see what he can do and to see if there is any shrewdness there when it comes to basketball IQ. Though, I think its very safe ot say that Michael Beasley was a steal and do not hold injury against him, as he is a genuine talent as well and only 22. Finally, I would love to see Darko make a Manwich out of you-that's something I think all Strib readers would pay a hefty premium to see!!!!

kurthartmannFeb. 18, 1112:15 AM

The way some teams are stacked in the NBA like Miami, Boston, LA, and soon the Knicks, it means the remaining teams need to get lucky in the draft. The wolves can only hope their ping pong balls can give them a no.1 or no.2. Kahn needs a top pick, so he doesn't overthink the picks like he did with Rubio and Flynn. That draft has hurt us big time. I sure hope Wes Johnson can learn to drive the basket for points instead of being a set-up 3 point shooter.

superd443Feb. 18, 1112:30 AM

THE WOLVES WILL NEVER WIN WITH TEAMS LIKE LA, BOSTON or MIAMI AROUND. They are so irrelevant and a complete after thought.... Can't they move to Winnipeg or something?? Save the 150 Mil on Target Center and donate to the new Target Stadium home of your 2014 MN Vikings!!!

abemntocalFeb. 18, 1112:51 AM

I usually enjoy Jim's columns but this one is just kicking someone when they're down. Way too easy a target right now. I like that Rambis is hard on K. Love when he doesn't play defense, which is most of the time. How many fouls does he usually get a game, one or two? I love his offensive game but he doesn't play D. Because he is our best player he doesn't have to? That makes no sense. Stay on him Kurt! That's your job.

SentwaliFeb. 18, 1112:54 AM

I truly believe Souhan will be eating his words in a less than 3yrs. This team has very few glaring weaknesses, believe it or not. Yes the need a PG. Yes, they need experience and a veteran who can actually contribute on the floor and not just on the bench. However, Wes Johnson has all the ability to become an all-star once he figures the pr game out and learns to attack the rim. Beasley and Love are young ballers in the making. Darko is only 24 and has already been better in one year here than anywhere else. If Souhan can't see both the youth and potential of this club, plus tradable assets (Rubio?), plus another high draft choice AND cap space, he doesn't deserve to write editorials about the Wolves.

tonytecFeb. 18, 11 1:03 AM

I think the Wolves are doing fine, right where anyone with a brain figured they'd be at this point. Young team, taking their lumps as planned.


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