Palin packs schedule with riches

  • Article by: MATEA GOLD , Tribune Washington Bureau
  • Updated: February 17, 2011 - 10:06 PM

It suggests the lucrative gigs she'd have to give up if she makes 2012 bid.

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noggnbloggnFeb. 17, 1111:09 PM

Well, for the folks grousing that Palin is not qualified, quit her job, is stupid, etc.... here are a few observations. She is savvy, has pretty good instincts as events unfold, though not always polished. She knows her core followers and doesn't need to pretend that she is something she is NOT in order to attract and keep supporters. She quit her Governorship because she was being attacked and had legal bills that could not be paid unless she went to work to raise money quickly. Rather than raise ca-ching thru contributors of questionable character (like the Clintons, or Obama), she has raised the money through her own efforts, leveraging her '15 minutes' into something that seems to have staying power, and zing. So is that stupid? Not really -- it demonstrates that she is a survivor. Is she a perfect candidate? No, but I'm not seeing many who might go the distance -- assuming she can demonstrate she understands leadership, how the world works, and not just focus on politics. Even Obama, who was a great campaigner, is weak in his understanding of how the world works and America's place in it. Enough people have noticed that Obama is not fixing ANY of our most dire problems, suggesting that he will not get a second term. The liberal snarking that Palin is too successful at earning money, overlooks the fact that NO ONE becomes President, or even runs for any higher office, who hasn't already acquired a big pile of loot. It is best when it is earned BEFORE attaining office, not while one is IN office, so she is obviously safe on that count. It remains to be seen if she will continue her political success, but she knows the media (outside of Fox) seeks to discredit her, and she has done a pretty good job of discrediting the media instead (hence, her continued popularity. Should she run and WIN, I just hope she will prove more qualified than the current President who seems woefully inadequate to even recognize, much less resolve, our Nation's problems.

rwalex3Feb. 18, 1112:10 AM

And people still buy that she left the Governorship because she couldn't accomplish anything because of the bipartisanship of the Left? C'mon! She left because it would have been a major paycut if she stayed.

ammunraFeb. 18, 1112:16 AM

Well good for her. Nothing quite like a meteoric rise from near-anonymity to raking in millions in the span of 2 years to make life fulfilling. Or just filled.

repubstarFeb. 18, 11 5:43 AM

Leave to the Republican owned media to continue to promote Palin as some sort of viable candidate. Even not nationally well known TPaw and Bachmann are ahead of Palin in conservative polls. The real story should be that she is a nice person, but a has-been. That is the REAL story.

rainiermanFeb. 18, 11 5:44 AM

I would hope John McCain gets a healthy cut. Amazing, getting this kind of money for doing virtually nothing. What a country.

VantBHofFeb. 18, 11 5:52 AM

Big deal. So she earns a living. She doesn't have too many other marketable skills to make that kind of money. I wonder if John McCain gets any kind of royalties out of her for being the one who introduced her to the world? Obviously a large part of the population likes to hear what she thinks and are willing to pay to hear it which isn't against the law. She's not taking government money so it shouldn't be anyone's business. Let's just hope there aren't enough people out there who think she is bright enough to run a country.

nomedsFeb. 18, 11 7:43 AM

How much money Palin makes by simply speaking to groups of people is not my concern. But, instead of just throwing money away, those people could do better things with that money like maybe creating jobs. Has Palin started a company producing products with all the money she has been making?

jimmythevikeFeb. 18, 11 7:49 AM

This is news?! She quit her job as governor of Alaska. Do we need someone who can't take the heat as president of our country? I think not!!

jimbig1Feb. 18, 11 7:54 AM

She certainly has her priority's correct, God, family, self, and work. She is a breath of fresh air, she does the right things, for the right reasons and that is why progressives will not accept her. She makes progressives uneasy, she shows self restraint, her and her husband are responsible for there family, and she lives according to her beliefs. Why is that wrong?

spfle1Feb. 18, 11 8:15 AM

'Palin is particularly popular among groups opposed to abortion, which applaud her decision not to abort her son' They also want to eliminate her ability to make that decision on her own.


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