Clearing the air in Minnesota

  • Article by: TARYN WOBBEMA and JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 11, 2011 - 4:11 PM

2007 indoor smoking ban led to dramatic decrease in secondhand exposure.

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mattmoscFeb. 10, 1112:16 PM

I am finding it much more enjoyable going to the bars, now that they are smoke free!!

fodorskiFeb. 10, 1112:17 PM

Bravo! Maybe this will lead to a law against anyone smoking in the presence of children or on state/federal property. Is there a legislator brave enough to propose such a bill?

fodorskiFeb. 10, 1112:19 PM

Rep. Tom Hackbarth of Cedar MN has proposed a bill to allow smoking in bars, even those attached to restaurants. Passing such a bill would be a severe blow to health-conscious Minnesotans. Contact your legislator to fight this proposal!

oldsoldierFeb. 10, 1112:23 PM

what a bunch of crap! i don't smoke but to say we are affected by second smoke to any degree is more of the same old gov't run smoke screen. how in the world is anyone affected by second smoke given that the poor smokers have to go hide somewhere behind a building or stay in their house so all the other morons can feel good about themselves with this fairy tale. hell, if smoke is so bad why isn't outlawed? oh no that would stop the gov't from steeling more money from the people. red rag you come through once again with your PC agenda! you stinking useless paper.

lahdedFeb. 10, 1112:24 PM

Instead of asking about the qty of jobs, how about the number of bars/restaurants that closed in the year after the ban went into effect? Others may have opened since then to offset the closures, thus affecting the amount of hiring. Granted, not all of the closures were due to the smoking ban, I would bet that more than 1 was.

openminded2Feb. 10, 1112:24 PM

I spent my 20's in smokey bars and didn't know any better. I never smoked, I had know idea how nice it could be without smoke. I remember looking around and seeing maybe 1 out 10 people smoking and thinking so few people smoking and there is so much smoke. I am happy we moved forward.

wesley173Feb. 10, 1112:24 PM

"Young men with low incomes and little education are the most likely to smoke. In 2010, 21.8 percent of college-aged adults were smokers, a slight decrease from 2007." Nice regressive tax on those who can least afford it. Where is the citation to all those lives saved? LOL!

swmnguyFeb. 10, 1112:26 PM

I smoked for 25 years and I never did it indoors or in a car. Certainly never with anyone with wasn't smoking too. Thankfully, I quit a year and a half ago after many, many attempts. Smoking, after the first pack, is not a "choice." Manipulated nicotine delivery systems, which is what cigarettes are nowadays, should be banned.

wesley173Feb. 10, 1112:27 PM

"Rep. Tom Hackbarth of Cedar MN has proposed a bill to allow smoking in bars, even those attached to restaurants. Passing such a bill would be a severe blow to health-conscious Minnesotans." Never mind the blow to property rights that this legislation...

tootiredFeb. 10, 1112:28 PM

oldsoldier, stop sugar coating it and beating around the bush, tell us how you really feel...


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